Unfinished, But…

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Pealat Construction Company has announced that the Belleh Yallah road project might not be quite finished at this point, but it is on track.

The road project links Bopolu and throughout the entire country; specifically Belleh Yallah.

Belleh Yallah is a town in Gbarpolu County. It used to be the home of a notorious prison used by rogue regimes to rid themselves of political rivals by banishing (exiling, sending away) them for being ‘trouble-makers.’

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Pealat, Mr. Praise O. T. Lawal, explained that minor construction work on the project involving culverts and a few bad spots are ongoing in order to fully complete the road and then turn it over to national government.

Mr. Lawal maintained that as Bellah Yallah has been inaccessible since the founding of Liberia, maximum human capacity is needed in an effort to adequately prepare the road for motorists.

He noted that most of the work ongoing are part of the contract that was not included in previous arrangements with the Ministry of Public Works and his entity initially. “However,” he said, “the project will be fully completed in time.”

Pealat boss Lawal made the disclosure recently when three civil society organizations honoured him and the company for their many positive contributions to national growth.

The Progressive Alliance Movement of Liberia, Liberian Youth Initiative, Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia, flowered the Liberian company for engaging in several technical road projects involving Johnsonville Dry Rice Market, St. Michael, Tusa Field and Soul Clinic roads respectively.

Making remarks, Chairman of Progressive Alliance Movement of Liberia, K. Mamadee Keita, called on the national government to settle its financial obligations to all Liberian-owned companies, including the Pealat Construction Company.

Keita added that in the absence of said settlement, most of the affected companies may not be efficient in their operations, particularly when Pealat has to finalize the Bopolu Highway.

Accepting the honour, Mr. Lawal praised the groups for the recognition, stressing that “it was important for young people to always think positively about their nation and people.”


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