‘Unfair for People to Accuse Me of Killing Nyenpan’

Minister McGill addresses the media regarding allegations tha the was involved in the death of Public Works Minister Nyenpan.

— Minister McGill Accuses Gov’t officials, opposition parties of spewing fake news

Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill, has distanced himself from the death of the late Public Works Minister Mobutu V. Nyenpan as being speculated that he played a part.  Mr. McGill is at the same time accusing unidentified government officials and others in opposition of spewing propaganda to ruin his reputation.

The family of Nyenpan, however, had earlier dispelled that their family member and relative did not die of food poisoning and there is no one connected to his death.

It can be recalled that the late Public Works Minister died on October 30, 2020, in Accra Ghana, after spending two months in a coma following an abrupt illness that struck him unconscious.

On Monday, November 16, 2020, at a press conference held at his residence in Paynesville, Minister McGill said: “How will I kill someone who was very closed to me and even visited me at my house?”

He maintained that if the late Public Works Minister died of food poison as speculated in the public, the Paris Restaurant that provided the food for the meeting should be held accountable.

According to him, the food was brought after the meeting and he did not know where it came from; however, McGill said he later heard that Paris Restaurant provided the food for the meeting, from where the late Minister came.

He said those involved are trying to malign his character, stating “The medical report is available,” and “I did not send for food or ask for the people to bring food or even eat with the late Minister Nyanpan.” Minister McGill said he ate some of the food provided for the meeting with John Youboty, a Liberian road engineer, but did not eat with the late Minister Nyanpan.

He said there is a need for the management of Paris Restaurant to be questioned regarding the food provided, stating “It’s unfair for people to be accusing me of killing the late Minister Nyenpan as I have never been to Paris Restaurant since 2014.”

“In the government, I had two close friends that I interacted with most of the time, and one of those two was Mobutu. Every time Mobutu is doing an inspection, he will always send for me and we will be together. Mobutu never called me by my name but always chairman,” Minister McGill explained.

According to him, he knows some of the people who are involved in the propaganda against him and will name some of them when the need arises or the investigation is completed. McGill indicated that the meeting, which led to speculation that the late Minister Nyenpan died of poison, was intended to settle the bidding issue raised by the late Minister against the Public Procurement and Concessions and Commission (PPCC) held at the Ministry of Public Works.

McGill said it was not the first time having a meeting at the Public Works, and during that time of the meeting, over 25 persons including deputy Public Works Ministers, Assistant Ministers, and Directors attended.

The accusation to which Minister McGill is reacting sparked up when Nyenpan’s death was announced and he, along with some top government officials, have been blamed as those behind the death of the Public Works Minister who is said to have eaten some food with them during a meeting characterized by heated argument. The argument according to McGill was about the contract to construct the road leading to the 14 Military Hospital.


  1. You are the main killer nat McGill. You are responsible for the killings of most of the folks you once called friends / buddies. Lets wait and see, your time is right in sight. you won’t be spared as that mighty evil of death is right at your doors. Keep masterminding the disappearance and killings of others and think you will be spared of such gruesome path. You and your likes will face the wrath of those you wantonly took their lives away in this world.

    You and your criminal associates in power will have your day to recon and that’s going to be very soon. This kid is very wicked. This Belleh boy is very cruel and wont stop at anything less to keep his useless self around the corridors of power. an empty headed Buffon pretended to be a better guy. You killed mabutu Nyepan, Mathew Innis, Barthan and George kollie who went with you and Samuel Twaeh to south Africa.

    History will surely repeat itself and just wait and see whats in stock for you and Samuel Tweah. you will go down that hole like maggots’ and urs will be very cruel. Idiot of a minister.

      • Mr. Jayweh, even with such hard evidence made publicly by the family of the late Nyepan as this in quotation, you claiming to be a lawyer have the careless audacity to insinuate that the late Nyepan was killed by someone? Are you really a lawyer?

        ““For the record, and while we will not delve into the details of such a report, we can emphatically state that NO WHERE in that report is it indicated that cyanide or other deadly chemicals were detected as contributing factors to the passing of our beloved,” the family said in a statement.

        The statement added that family has observed with disgust and utter indignation attempts to smear the memories of “their beloved son, brother and father by attributing his cause of death to factors that are far removed from the truth“

        Honestly, the public understands the conclusion usually reached by ordinary commenters. But for one claiming to be a lawyer, to jump to conclusion, is strange. Are you really a lawyer?

        • Matilda Witherspoon, if only this is your real name and true idenity, today in the Republic of Liberia, Albert K. Peters, Gifty A. Lama, George F. Fahnboto, Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa, are all dead and gone. Prior to their reported abuction, torture and unexplained murder, George Kollie and Mathew Innis unexpectedly met the untimely end of their lives in Liberia and on the WATCH of Mr. George Manneh Weah and his Government.

          If the mysterious and suspicious murder of the promising sons and daughter of Liberia in the space of 8 days is not troubling to you, then so be it. But, Liberia and all well-meaning Liberians are hoffified and troubled.

          What must change in Liberia to encourage Mr. Manneh Weah to govern and not sit back on his hands?

          Whether you and other apologists know and appreciate it or not, Liberia is in deep troubled!

          What make some of you so-called human raise, so heatless???

  2. Ehn u see, he who they ate the food together is exonerating himself but people who prepare for the general public and then they went and ordered the food (wherein everyone ate and is ok), except for MVN who was diagnosed of poisoning, that restaurant is now going to be a “Person of Interest”. Funny country in #Liberia.

    Also, tell me na, whose name will McGill be holding on that he’s saying as time comes he’ll release it 🤣? In fact, only two bosses McGill has in this country that he can be SOMEHOW skeptical of to say something: George Weah and Jewel Howar-Taylor 🤷🏽‍♂️! So, my ppo, me pa I ain’t politician ooo but who will it be naaa? Teh me quay quay…

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    now that barthan is gone, mabutu us gone, Matthew Innis, George Fahnboto, Albert Peters , Gifty Lamas. hes out again on the search for his next prey. These boys are very wicked. Hope T. nah Doe is on the watch and he wont get off their hooks, he’s also an accomplice and will get his rewards soon like he compromised his colleagues.

    Anthony Torbor CKA Belcharmie, Trokon Davis, sabato dennis, Supreme, rebel commander Power, mortician DKB of the former npfl, siaffa normon, bill tiklo and the rest of the killing squard including folks recruited at the Moscow base on the congo town back road , jeff tamba koigee will be hooked soon. just wait and see what’s next in stock for these murderers. We have shared their names and addresses with the FBI and other international human right organizations for their roles in the killings and abductions of their fellow citizens.

  4. I have lost respect for this criminal call T Doe Nah of the LRA. I thought this helium meant well for his country having served with as head for transparency institution that should serve as a watch dog for societal ills in out country. no sooner ha this idiot join the band wagon of thieves, he quickly turned a murderer accomplice. His older sister / cousin no associate Justice is even ashamed of his new behavior. how could a man who claimed to have graduated from a prestigious university in the united states could result to becoming a killer in such modern time in Liberia. no wonder why he was rejected by the student of the university of Liberia when he contested for student leadership . his own friends his now found strange bed fellows will crucified him very soon. just wait and soon. He will end up like those he compromised at the hands of McGill and tweah.

    Thomas doe nah is a criminal and the same audit he authorized that led to the death of albert and gifty lamas and George fahnbotu, will carry him to his grave. these same guys will come after you Thomas doe nah, just wait and see. you soon become history. you a another murderer and will informed the state governor where your family resides in the united states. your community will know the kind of character you have become for being greedy for power.

    don’t lie that you did not authorized the audit that led to the death of Albert Peters, Gifty, and George who worked under your directive. idiot of a commissioner.

  5. Today the Republic of Liberia, our beloved homeland, has taken the shape and form a criminal plantation. Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family made no mistake when they met, discussed, and reached the heartless conclusion to stepdown from power but leave the Republic of Liberia and her people into the hands of criminal and cold-hearted killers. Knowing fully well that Mr. George Manneh Weah, Nathaniel McGill, Samuel D. Tweah, Jefferson T, Koijee, and other murderers associated with these cold-blooded killers would have looked down on good governance, accountability, and transparency and replaced these elements of governance with misappropriation of public funds, theft of property, and killing fellow Liberians simply for money, over and above good governance and accountability to Liberia and her people and knowing fully well that George Weah and his Government would have been so blinded by money and the need to torture and murder fellow Liberians instead of investigating, indicting, arresting and prosecuting Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family for the crime of property theft, misapplication of entrusted property, money laundering and economic sabotage known and numerated on countless occasions by the people of Liberia, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family intentionally selected and reached the circulated decision to bring Mr. George Manneh Weah, Samuel D. Tweah, Nathaniel F. McGill, Jefferson T. Koijee and their partners-in-crimes to power and control in the Republic of Liberia.

    Liberians everywhere need to blame Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family for virtually overseeing and making the Republic of Liberia a criminal plantation today. Sadly today, there is no safety and security to be found anywhere in the Republic of Liberia. Liberians and resident, must leave the streets by 5:30 P.M if they cherished themselves and their lives. Throughout Liberia, everybody is for his/her life.

    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family must be absolutely pleased today seeing where Liberia and her people have come. Like children, George Manneh Weah and his Government would have been too occupied with stealing Liberia’s Revenues and Resources to investigate, indict and prosecute Mr. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family. And so Mr. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Robert A. Sirleaf, Charles E. Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family heartlessly elected and committed Liberia’s money to bring George Manneh and his Government to power in Liberia.

    Today everywhere Liberians and residents go, they are discounted and treated as wanted criminals!

    Ma Ellen, what so much did Liberia and residents do to you and your family to put Liberia in this trouble?

  6. Philip WW Moore, and your fellow scumbags, Tarpeh Duo and Sundaygar Davis, you people make no sense at all. No one in his or her right mind will listen to your foolishness after the family of the very late minister have made it clear that their beloved one was never poisoned or killed, but died a natural death.

    • Concerned citizen or whatever this idiot is known as, has just shown he’s one of the murderers in town. I can safely say this idiot has proven to be one of those night bandits chasing peaceful citizens from their homes for his political scumbags he call leaders. I am not even sure if this scumbag is a true human especially so when he’s yet to grasp the message of wanton killings taking place in Monrovia. This is one of the armed rubbers who has gone below the belt to feed his poverty driven family members in the slum community. very soon we will unmasked this criminal calling himself concern citizen’.

      We have been informed he’s one of the agents of Nat criminal and Killer McGill, and Sam Tweah trying to protect his job; but just wait, we will get ur foolish ass very soon. Prisca Paul CKA Samuel Tweah of the MoFPD is noted for evil and we know that ever since from his days back in Tubman High and even at the University when he attempted to head the ULSU leadership and was miserably flogged by the mighty SUP. This baggage of uselessness and his criminal associates will have their days of judgment very soon. The present incarcerations’ of Charles Taylor should tell you criminals that no sin go unpunished. McGill hasn’t started to cry yet, bill Towaway CKA Gbekugbeh junior will have his wrath for killing a man he once referred to as a personal friend. How can you kill a personal friend? that’s just unimaginable. We have submitted all of you criminals names to the FBI and waiting for investigations. all u asses will be denied the US visa and will later end up behinds bars when the time comes.

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