UNDP To Buttress Gov’t Pro-Poor Agenda

Pa Lamin Beyai,PhD, UNDP Country Director

The United Nations Development Programme is conducting a retreat in Ganta City, Nimba County to strategize a plan that will lead to the helping the government in its’ “Pro – Poor” agenda.

Speaking to reporter in Ganta on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, the Country Director Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai said is UNDP is on an assessment retreat to look at the new strategy plan that will work in line with government Pro-Poor policy.

He said as UNMIL is about to completely draw down from Liberia, the UNDP will have a big role to play in Liberia and how they are going to play that role is why they are in Ganta to discuss, to see how best they can respond to development issues, especially the “Pro-Poor” agenda of President George M. Weah and how position themselves effectively so as to respond to development issues in the country.

He said the UNDP will be looking at capacity building at various levels, including institution, community and individual levels.

“In these case we intend to revisit our intervention to make it ‘Pro-Poor’,” he said.

“In this case you have focus on the needs of those are actually poor, looking at youth, women and the underprivileged,” he said.

Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai said the UNDP will be looking at their budget to refocus on the areas which are ‘Pro -Poor’ to people and their livelihood so as to put food on their table.

When quizzed whether the UNDP has any target areas for the implementation of the pro – poor agenda, he declined, saying, “We are not focusing on any specific county of area, we are here to support  Liberia.”

The retreat brought together scores of UNDP staff, UNV (UN Volunteers), the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, among others.

“We have a key role to play as an UN Development Agency in the government’s new development plans and we will prioritize, based on when resources are available and then, accordingly, we will respond,” he said.


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