UNDP Resident Representative Commits to Supporting Liberia’s Elections

Foreign Minister Dee Maxwell Kemayah and the new UN Rsident Representative, Stephen Rodriques

The newly assigned Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program in Liberia, Stephen Rodriques, has disclosed his commitment to supporting Liberia’s elections to ensure democratic transition.

Mr. Rodriques, while presenting his credentials to Foreign Minister Maxwell Kemayah on January 25, 2021, promised to encourage donors to support and commit to the democratic tradition of an elections basket fund which will see Liberia through the next elections process.

UNDP has over the years in Liberia’s democracy been proactive in supporting electoral activities and civil advocacy that enhances peace and rule of law.

In his interaction with Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Kemayah, Mr. Rodriques emphasized that he will build on the foundation of his Predecessor, Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai.

He further promised to work with development partners as well as the UN System to mobilize additional resources in the areas of community development, livelihood and decentralization, among others.

“I’m not here on a holiday. I am ready to roll up my sleeves to support the Liberian government’s National Agenda Strategy, the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD),” said UNDP’s Resident Representative.

Rodriques hailed what he calls “The excellent leadership” role of President George Weah and his team in administering the just ended Special Senatorial Elections and congratulated the people of Liberia for the peaceful process. 

The UNDP Liberia Boss also pledged his agency’s support to the Country’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic through programmatic initiatives that will “Build Back Better” the lives of the people given the devastating impact of the disease not only on Liberia but the world at large.

For his part, Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Kemayah congratulated the UNDP Resident Representative for his appointment by the UN Secretary-General and praised the former UNDP Boss, Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai, for his diligence to duties while serving in the position.

Mr. Kemayah said the government of Liberia looks forward to a very excellent partnership as Rodriques stirs the affairs of UNDP Liberia at a higher level, welcoming his perspectives on future interventions.

“60% of our population is comprised of young people and we would appreciate a partnership that creates tangible programs that could help boost job creation,” emphasized Kemayah.

He also mentioned a collaboration that would support the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ capacity development, its passport division, and the Foreign Service Institute among others.


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