UNDP/P4DP Making Liberia’s Criminal Justice System Effective

Cllr. Tulay ready to cut the ribbon to the RULLAR project.

Launches Phase 2 of awareness, ‘free legal service’

In an effort to enhance the effectiveness of Liberia’s criminal justice system, a project dubbed “Rule by Law and Live by Rule (RULLAR)” has launched an extension and implementation phase of RULLAR in several communities in Montserrado County, a release has said.

At the launching ceremony, the Project Attorney of Montserrado County, Nathaniel Mulbah, acknowledged that, “this project will ensure that people who don’t have money to hire lawyer are defended. We will ensure it helps the needy, who are finally unable in the communities and are deeply involved with domestic violence and sexual gender-based Violence (SGBV) is also assisted.”

The project aimed at alleviating the many challenges the nation’s justice system is faced with in dispensing equal justice to all Liberians, is being sponsored by UNDP and implemented by Platform for Dialogue and Peace (P4DP), a peace building and research-based Liberian organization.

The beneficiaries’ towns, Brewerville and New Kru Town, including Moulton Corner and other adjacent communities on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, marked the official project launch with various security apparatus addressing participants, including students on their institutional duties, roles and were also drilled on the rule of law.

Under the implementation, P4DP is responsible to assign social workers and legal practitioners across all the communities, and selected schools to work along and engage and provide free legal services for the people per the during of  the project.

Cllr. Emmanuel A. Tulay of Bomi County, who cut the ribbon, reminded the community that in a case of  criminal defendant, police can arrest and charge the suspect(s), “as to remain innocent, and need to remain silent before making statement to the police until one’s personal  lawyers has advised.

Cllr. Tulay told participants that while they will work along with the communities as lawyers, they too need to know the part of the law that allows the police to effect arrest that is you can anyone (Suspect) get arrested even at night.”

The program since its insertion in 2018, begun its phase one with six schools, and nine different communities in Bomi, Grand Cape Mount and Montserrado Counties in which P4DP provided lawyers for less fortunate individuals, including victims of gender-based violence (GVB) and ensured that they received adequate justice without pay for services rendered them.


  1. I personally and wholeheartedly commend this anti-injustice and promising initiative, even if it seems to be over due. It’s a must to popularly support such a genuine “pro-poor” project and or programme. I only can hope that, the “camouflaged” element of mafiosi, even within government officials, wealthy men and or businessmen, amongst us, wouldn’t be able to corrupt and likely break down this heroic undertaking. //Gonyanue Blah

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