UNDP Donates Office Equipment to LLA

A few of some of the items donated.

— As it received equipment of US$50K

The United National Development Program has procured office supplies and other equipment worth US$50, 000 for the Liberia Land Authority to enhance its operation.

The UNDP support is part of an effort to support the LLA to deal with land issues and maintain peace, security, and reconciliation in Liberia.

It falls under the project “Sustaining Peace and Reconciliation through Strengthening Land Governance and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms.”

According to Catherine Waliaula of UNDP, land tenure remains a critical part of sustaining peace and reconciliation in Liberia, and therefore the donation comes at the time when LLA is working hard to reach out to communities to resolve land issues through its sub-offices.

Ms. Waliaula, who serves as Project Coordinator of UNDP added that the “Intent is to work with what little we have to help the LLA fast track land disputes and settle them, especially now that the Land Rights Act has been passed.”

Ms. Waliaula further indicated that the equipment will enable LLA to fast-track implement programs that will help communities to settle disputes without violence.

In remarks, the senior UNDP Management Staff warned LLA staff that the items donated are to improve the workflow to ensure that problems resulting from land issues are tackled in order to maintain peace in various communities across the country, stressing that the items were not for personal use.

“Kindly use this donation for its intended purpose to help communities to settle disputes without violence,” she added.

The items donated by UNDP include 8 motorbikes, 8 Dell desktop computer, 4 Dell laptops, 12 printers, 4 scanners, 12 pieces of GPS equipment, and 8 sets of Executive Office desks and chairs.

Other includes 24 pieces of semi-Executive Office Desks and Drawers as well as side tables, bookshelves, filing cabinets, visitor chairs among others. Money for the project came from the Liberia Multi-Partner Trust Fund managed by UNDP.


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