UN Women Provides Protective Materials for Women, Girls

UN Women Country Rep. Madam Goreth presents MOU to Gender Minister Saydee Tarr shortly after the presentation of the assorted items to help fight COVID-19.

The UN Women in partnership with the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection (MGSP) has turned over several assorted items to the head of the COVID-19 National Response Committee, Madam Mary Broh, to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The value of the items is estimated at over US$60,000 and intended for women and other civil society organizations operating in the country.

The organization hopes the items which include sanitary pads, 50-liter buckets with faucets, Clorox, Detergents, Hand Sanitizers, Towels, Soaps, Oils, toothpaste, and comb, will help ease the burden of women during the coronavirus crisis.

(L-r) Madam Broh, Gender Minister Saydee Tarr and UN Women Country Rep. Goreth

Marie Goreth, UN Women Country Representative, who did the presentation, congratulated the head of the National Response Team for being nominated by President Weah.

“This is important for us women because we saw that the President really believed in the capacity and also the knowledge of the women. I also want to congratulate the Minister of Gender for her excellent work,” stated  Goreth.

Madam Goreth affirmed that women, girls, and children are the pillar groups in the fight against COVID-19.

She said: “It is very key because the government through the Ministry of Gender recognizes that women, girls, and children have specific needs during times of crisis. But they are also part of the response, particularly in the community, we know that women are in front of everything and we know that we can count on them when you want to do community awareness on how to prevent COVID-19.”

Part of the donation will go toward the 14 Military Hospital while and the other part includes additional materials for women organizations and groups including pregnant women.

Madame Broh thanked all the partners, especially UN Women, on behalf of the government of Liberia ‘for the work you do for women and girls.  “This in my mind spells that you care about the girl child and women. For what I see so far, we say thank you,” Madam Broh asserted.

Margibi County District No. 3 Representative Evelyn Attoh thanked UN Women for the initiative and lamented that she too saw that women needed essential items apart from food.

“Two weeks ago, I was in my district and I thought it wise that it wasn’t only necessary to give out food; what about the women, just in case they are taken or showing some signs of the COVID-19 and they are taken to the 14 Military Hospital, what happens behind closed doors that we don’t know,” Rep Attoh explained.

Rep. Attoh, representing the women Legislative Caucus, said that she was excited about the initiative, especially for the sanitary pads that will be given to women and health care workers at the facility because of COVID-19.

“This will ensure that every woman that will fall sick and go there, should be able to protect herself because menstruation is not a choice; it is something that we all have to experience until we can reach our menopause,” she said.

Gender Minister Willimetta Saydee Tarr, thanked the UN Women for staying true to its promise during the initial stage of the consultation.

“You started this give-away already when we just started the fight and we had the training at the Ministry and you promised that you would come back with the rest of things so we are thrilled to be at this stage,” said Minister Tarr.

The donated items will be distributed by the COVID-19 National Response Committee to the targeted groups along with their heads for accountability and transparency, said the minister.

Institutions earmarked for the donated items include, the National Peace Hut Women of Liberia, National Rural Women Structure of Liberia, Destined Kids help Program, THINK Safe Home Center, Association of Disabled Females International and the Group of 77.

Others are WAS-Vulnerable Young Women Structure, Wise Women, Women Living with HIV and AIDS, Apostolic Alliance Mission, 14th Military Center, and the Ministry of Health-Family Health Division-Maternity center.


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