UN Women Identifies with Human Rights Commission

UN Women and INHCR officials in discussion shortly after after the donation.

The office of the United Nations entity for gender equality and women empowerment, popularly known as UN Women, has provided logistical support to the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) Department of Legislative Assistance, Treaty Matters and law-Gender Unit.

The materials donated by the UN Women comprised two cubicle wooden desks, one projector complete with projector screen, one mini bulletin board, two digital cameras, thee laptops and a number of other small-small items such as paper clips and correction fluid.

The transfer of the equipment by the UN Women to the INCHR was in line with UN Women’s asset management guideline.

Marie Gorieth Nizigama, UN Women Country Representative to Liberia, who spoke to INCHR officials over the weekend in Sinkor, said the role of INCHR is critical especially in the area of protecting human rights.

She said the UN Women family’s primary objective in the area of human rights is to ensure that there is no discrimination because there should be rights for men, boys, girls, and women.

She specified that the equipment will enhance the working of the staff of the INCHR Gender Unit that has the responsibility to critically work in the area of women’s rights.

INCHR Acting Chairperson, Bartholomew B. Colley, who received the materials from UN Women, extolled the UN Women for such a vital donation.

Colley said the objective of the INCHR is to protect and promote human rights of which covers women, girls, and boys as well as men.

He referred to the donation as a positive step in the right direction to boost the operations of the Commission.

Mr. Colley called for more collaboration between INCHR and UN Women in the promoting and protecting of the rights of women through its gender unit.

One of INCHR’s Commissioners, Attorey Tonieh Talery Wiles, said the unit was established in 2018 in fulfillment to the global alliance on human rights, including the act of the INCHR to protect and promote the rights of all. Wiles has oversight on the Department of Legislative Assistance Treaty Matters, Law –Gender Unit.

She said the Commission also regularized the need to pay special attention to women, children, and persons with disabilities because of reports that the Commission has been receiving over the years prompted it to highlight such a component.

Atty. Wiles further said the Department of Legislative Assistance, Treaty, Matters, law–Gender Unit will cover persons with disabilities and children.


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