UN Renews Capacity Support to Legislature


The United Nations has renewed its support to the capacity development of the Liberian Legislature, through a UNDP/UNMIL Project aimed at identifying resource gaps that impede the Legislature’s ability to fully exercise its oversight, legislative drafting, representation and agenda setting roles with regard to the Liberian security sector.

The Deputy Secretary Representative of the Secretary General for Political and Rule of Law, Mr. Waldermar Vrey, made the assertions in a letter to the House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay, which was read on Tuesday, April 4, during the 23rd Day Sitting.

“Consequently, I am pleased to inform you that the International Security Sector Advisory Team, with which the UN is partnering in this project, will be deployed to Liberia from 23 April to 5 May, to assist in the conduct of the scoping exercise,” Mr. Vrey informed the Speaker.

He named focal persons of the project to include Ganiat Mustapha and Boma Jack of UNMIL, and Maarten Bartends of UNDP to be contacted to discuss and finalize the agenda for the exercise.

It may be recalled that following the 2005 elections, a consortium was established to build the capacity of the 52nd Legislature because some 75 percent of them were first-time legislators.

The consortium worked together with the African Security Sector Network, the Conflict Security and Development Group, the Center for Democracy and Development, and the Geneva Center for Democratic Control of the Armed Forces, among others. This process offered holistic, needs-based support in the form of working sessions, research and experience sharing.

Through this process, members of the different committees were brought face-to-face with Legislators from Ghana and the United Kingdom and exposed to experiences of legislators from other countries.

Critical areas covered during the sessions included the development of a united, but differentiated security architecture that is mutually supportive of their functions.


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