UN Drive Rally Time Market Health Post, Businesses Engulfed in Big Dirt


The United Nations Drive Rally Time  Market, one health post and dozens of small and medium-size business entities and more than 55,000 residents are engulfed in a big, rotten pile of dirt.

As a result, business entity owners and several small business Liberians have sounded an urgent appeal to the Municipal Government and its urban waste managers to swiftly remove the rotten garbage.

Unfortunately, the only health post catering to the estimated 55,000 residents and many business entities are situated in the midst of stench and squalor at the crowded market in Central Monrovia.

According to historical findings, for more than 18 years, residents, business owners and other concerned health workers continue to render services, do business and work in the crisis prone sanitation community.

It may be recalled that due to the unhygienic conditions of the Rally Time Market and its proximity of nearby health hazard, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and former Labor Minister Samuel Kofi Woods led a major cleanup  exercise in the area.

On that day of the vigorous clean up exercise by the Liberian leader and former Labor Minister Woods, 55 truckloads of rotten dirt were cleared and transported to the Whein Town Garbage Disposal site in Paynesville.

Sadly, during the hectic course of the clean up exercise at the Rally Time Market, human and domestic animal skeletons were discovered buried underneath the garbage.

Moreover, at the time of the dirt collection and disposal, health workers assigned at the medical facility expressed grave concern about the suitability of healthcare center few feet away from the unhygienic dumpsite at the Rally Time Market.

In a swift response, following several public outcries, late last week the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) and the contracting garbage company were seen cleaning the rotten garbage at the Rally Time Market on UN Drive in Monrovia.

But to date, the sentiments of the health workers have not borne any fruitful result as residents and business entities in the area continue indiscriminately to dump waste near the clogged drainage close to medical facility.

On top of the sanitation crisis, a health survey of the Rally Time Market area indicates that more than 15 dozen houses built there do not have basic sanitation facilities such toilets and bathrooms.

Another sanitation factor that has added to the miseries of the Rally Time Market Community is the more two decades-old drainage that is on many occasions during the Rainy Season flooded with rotten dirt that comes from Lynch Street, a few yards from the Ministry of Public Works.

“Such a clustered and overcrowded community of more than 55,000 residents and dozens of business entities and no physical sanitation facilities is indeed a potential health hazard, making it a disease prone settlement,” said Mr. Davidson B. Dennis, a Monrovia sanitation commentator.

Mr. Dennis, however, wondered whether with three years for the exit of the current Unity Party-led administration, Monrovia’s sanitation nightmare can be fixed, or is it indeed doomed to failure.

It will be a stroke of magic and indeed a  miracle if the Liberian Government were to transform the Monrovia’s perennial sanitation crisis into an oasis of cleanliness. 


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