UMU Former President Appointed Counseling Elder

Former UMU president Dr. Emmanuel Bailey.jpg

The former president of the United Methodist University (UMU) Dr. Emmanuel Bailey, who served for ten years and was recently removed, has been appointed Counseling Elder to the Sinoe District Conference.
Mr. Bailey was appointed recently by the Resident Bishop, Dr. John Innis, to work with the district and the District Superintendent.
In an interview with the Daily Observer, recently Dr. Bailey said, “On August 31, Bishop Innis appointed me to serve as the Counseling Elder of the Sinoe District Conference UMC.
“My ten years’ tenure at the UMU ended on the 31 of August and it’s mandated by the policy of the United Methodist Church that the resident Bishop appoints me to another ministry within the church of which am willing to serve.
“My function as Counseling Elder is to work with the District Superintendent, guide pastors through counseling and prayers, do the best I can to upgrade the pastors in the churches to my new assignment.”
Dr. Bailey expressed his appreciation to the Board of Directors of UMU for giving him the privilege to serve the university for the past ten years and appointing him to a new position.
He promised to work with other clergy men in Sinoe to improve the effectiveness of their responsibilities.
Dr. Bailey was recently removed from his position as President of the University by the Board of Directors who did not explain the reason for his removal.


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