UMU Clarifies Report of Over Crowdedness


    The Administration of the United Methodist University (UMU) yesterday reacted to a recent news report, which highlighted over crowdedness in the class rooms of the university.
    In a release, UMU said it is taken aback by the report, because the institution has and continued to provide an enabling environment for learning, thereby improving the learning experience for the over 4,000 students currently enrolled in its various “enriching and robust academic disciplines.”
    Recently, it was reported in a local daily (not this newspaper) that the UMU is overcrowded and lacks adequate facilities to improve their learning skills.
    The UMU release signed by its Public Relations Department categorically denied and refuted the report, which was also based on an unnamed source.
    The Administration noted that while it is cognizant of infrastructural challenges on its main campus on Ashmun Street in Monrovia, it is also keen on developing strategic actions and working in partnership with the student leadership to resolve some of the challenges by providing a learning environment that respects the rights of the students to education without compromising the quality of the country’s educational standards. See inside page for full details.


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