UL Board of Trustees Approves Dr. Nelson’s Nomination


The Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia (UL) has unanimously approved the nomination of Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., as the next president of the UL, a release announced late Tuesday, November 12, said.

The decision, according to a UL release, was reached in a special called meeting on Monday, November 11, 2019, at the University’s Capitol Hill campus to discuss the nomination of Dr. Nelson by the Visitor of the University, President George Weah.

In a communication addressed to the Chair of the UL’s Board of Trustees, President Weah, said that the nomination of Dr. Nelson was in consonance with Article IV Section 1 of the Charter of the UL, which states: “The Visitor of the University shall nominate the President of the University for approval of the Board.”

Sister Mary Laurene Browne, acting chairperson of the Board, notified Dr. Nelson of his preferment and challenged him to work assiduously for the upliftment of the UL and development of the country.

In response, Dr. Nelson thanked the UL’s Board for their endorsement and assured them of his fullest cooperation in administering the affairs of the University.

Nelson promised to keep the Board, faculty, staff and students fully engaged in activities for the advancement of the University.

“I am no stranger to the UL,” he said, adding: “I understand its unique circumstances.”

Dr. Nelson through the Board conveyed his profound thanks and sincere appreciation to President Weah for the nomination.

Dr. Julius Sawolo Nelson served the University of Liberia in several capacities, including Dean and vice president for Student Affairs for 12 years; Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy and Ethics, and Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy.

Dr. Nelson holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Zoology from the University of Liberia; a Master of Divinity from the Gammon Theological Seminary, in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.

He has held several outstanding positions in public and religious service. As a Reverend, Dr. Nelson is Senior Pastor of the Refuge United Methodist Church in the Monrovia District of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Following the Board’s approval, the UL Administration, headed by Professor Weade Kobbah-Boley, informed the Board that the inauguration/induction ceremony of Dr. Nelson will take place on Thursday, November 28, 2019, at the UL’s Fendall campus.

“Once inaugurated, Dr. Nelson will become the 15th president of the University of Liberia, replacing Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks, UL’s 14th and second female president,” the release, signed by Norris Tweah, vice president for UL Relations, has said.


  1. It is time to get the President of Liberia out of UL affairs. It is also time to get these old trustees out of UL affairs. We need a young and energetic president not one pushing retirement. Send a business administrator to raise money for the university so they cannot be dependent on the whims of the president. Watch this God man start firing people and putting in his friends.

  2. Wow! What really seem interested is, how the visitor of the nation university, president George Weah is making the replacement process so transparent but has not giving Liberians the reason why Mrs. Weeks was dismissed considering the very laws that revolves in hiring and dismissing the president of the university of Liberia by the visitor. These position are well protected by law and the president, who is said to be a visitor can not just fired the university president because he wants to do So. This is going too far and Liberians need to start talking about what’s happening in Liberia about how the president just going around dismissing people because they are critical about his administration. Not because he heads the executive branch of government means, he can dismissed anyone in Liberia. The folks surrounding him as advisors need to explained to him, his limit of power. I have also observes that, every major appointment nowadays in the Weah led administration comes from the south east of our nation which is not healthy for our republic. We need to do away with tribalism and nepotism if we want inclusive Liberians. Tribalism and nepotism are bad because they created division and only narrow minded people feel good about being divided. The path this regime is on is a recipe for disaster and if the right things are not done to correct its course, Liberia will again carry news headlines and Liberians will only blame themselves.

  3. The University of Liberia must be able to brainstorm a business-like approach to become self-sustainable whereas it would be able to potentially rely on proceeds as fallbacks. The University would design policies that encourage income-driven earning within its parameters such as leasing portions of it vacant spaces both within operational range purposely clean businesses.

    Those income driven businesses could be in the form of mini department stores trading in hard quality merchandise sales that attract tourists and local customers. Those businesses should be standardized avoiding substandard businesses such as Cold-bowl shops due to their unhealthy foods and poor sanitary practices.

    The University must be upgraded and also refrain from just rendering academic degrees, but move toward more manpower development orientations so that graduates will be easily marketable in order to reduce the dependency syndrome on substandard jobs such as teaching or office boy jobs. Professors at the nation’s higher institution of learning must be able to defend it outputs because seventy five (75%) of the graduates from the University cannot read and comprehend. Some of those graduates who are fortunate to travel abroad cannot fill out a simple job application form and read with understanding a simple business letter. This is saddened. Even though majority of them learned plentiful vocabularies which they cannot even construct properly, but that too set of tend to uphold their standard as graduates.

  4. Thanks to the Almighty God for honoring my family once again. We are grateful to the President of Liberia for his preferment of our brother and to the Board for their approval.
    Dr. Nelson, I want to say thank you for giving back to your country, church and the people of Liberia for all your hard work over the years.
    You are qualify to work any part of this world but you chose to work for the University of Liberia for the past 12 years as Dean of Students and Vice President of Student affairs. You also taught at the University of Liberia as Associate Professor while heading the Philosophy Department.
    Giving back to the church and people of Liberia, every Sunday you mount the pulpit to Preach and Teach about the Goodness of God.
    We congratulate you and your family is with you 100% through this journey as well.
    Your trust in Gid, skills and international connections will bring the necessary funding and changes to the University of Liberia. BRAVO JR.


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