ULICES Wants MOE Take Action against Bogus Education Providers

Rev. Emmanuel N. Kimen, Board Chair, ULICES

The Board of the United Liberia Inland Church Education System (ULICES) has recommended to the government through the Ministry of Education to take strong actions against institutions that are providing fake documents and polluting the education system in the country.

The board chair, Rev. Emmanuel N. Kimen, said there are many institutions across the country offering degrees of different categories to people in a shorter learning period, which many of those degree-holders cannot defend said credentials in public.

Kimen observes that those institutions are making a mockery of the people of Liberia and the government..

“They train someone for three weeks and give them a bachelor’s degree, and also train someone for six weeks and give them a Master’s degree. This is a mockery to education and it must stop,” he said.

Rev. Kimen, who did not name any of the suspected bogus institutions, argued that the behavior of such institutions has polluted the education system in the country.

He intoned that in the past, other nationals used to come to Liberia to acquire advanced education, but it is not happening anymore because the education system has been polluted by school operators and people claiming to be education providers.

“Before the war, people used to come from different countries to Liberia to learn because quality education was here. But the kind of bad education service providers have polluted the system [with], to the point that those who once regarded Liberia’s education system with high esteem no longer see it as such; they are now mocking the country’s education system as a ‘mess’,” he said.

He said the Inland Church is anticipating to turn the mess to best in terms of providing training for teachers in the Inland Church school system across the country.

ULIC School System recently launched its In – service teacher training program for its teachers in the 27 schools under its ministries, and the training is expected to last for at least 18 months, after which, beneficiaries will be awarded “C” and “B” Certificates, respectively.

He challenged the teachers to go for nothing less than the ‘best quality’, noting, “If 10 students will come from our school with an education that they can defend, let it be.”

“If we uphold the standard of quality education, parents who want their kids to get quality education will send them to the Inland School,” he said.


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