ULIC Launches In-service Teacher Training for Teachers in 27 Schools

Group photo after the launch of the ULIC in-service teacher training

United Liberia Inland Church, one of Liberia’s oldest churches, on Monday, November 9, 2020 launched an in-service teacher training program for teachers in its 27 schools across Liberia to provide standardized education in the country.

In an overview of the training exercise, the head of the ULIC Education Board of Directors, Rev. Emmanuel N. Kimen, said since the founding of the church in 1938, education has been one of the strategies used to make sure its impact is felt in the lives of the people holistically.

He said instead of just giving the dry gospel, the missionary used education to make sure that people learned how to take care of themselves, how to take care of their environment, and how to contribute so that people operating the church can have knowledge and skills that they can use to contribute to national development.

Rev. Kimen explained that the church takes seriously ‘education’ as one of the major components of its ministries.

He said the church has made numerous contributions to the growth and development of Liberia, where many of those trained by the church are serving in various capacities in the society, contributing immensely to every sector of the government; some in the Legislature, some in ministerial positions, while others are in the diplomatic mission.

In order to solidify the education system to a standardized level in 2019, the church decided to organize all its 27 schools into one school system known as “United Liberia Inland Church Education System” (ULICES) to ensure that there is uniformity in all their education activity and also everything done in this school system is standardized.

According to him, the 27 schools include seven high schools, seven junior high and 13 primary or elementary schools, respectively.

The training is expected to run for 18 months for both grade “C” certificate and grade “B” Certificate holders, meaning those who already have a “C” certificate will be going for “B”, while high school graduates will be working for “C” certificate, respectively.

Teachers in training during first day after the launch of the in-service teacher training

The two in-service teacher-training organizations that were hired to facilitate the training program are the Christian Foundation – Liberia (CFL) and the Liberia Education Action Development (LEAD).

“The CFL will be responsible for the “C” certificate, while LEAD will be doing a “B” certificate and all of these trainers are qualified enough to do the work,” he said.

The training begins effectively at the Liberia International Christian College, and it will continue for three conservative weeks. After the three weeks, teachers will return to their respective schools for three months and then return again for three weeks of intensive lessons, but in their schools, for three months refresher training will still be going on, Rev. Kimen said.

It is not known how much each teacher will be paid to sit for training, but one of the trainers disclosed to this paper every trainee will pay some money to complement the training process because the training is too expensive/costly.

The program was attended by scores of government officials, representing the Ministry of Education as well as representatives of the two institutions that were hired to conduct the training; CFL and LEAD.

However, the Director of Teacher Education at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Othello Gegeh, who also served as a chief launcher of the training, urged teachers to take the lesson seriously, adding, “nobody is allowed to teach unless the person goes through teacher’s training in relevant teacher’s college to obtain “C” or “B” certificate.”

He stressed the importance of education in society, urging the teachers to make education relevant to utilize what they will learn to impact their lives, communities and country at large.


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