ULAA Condemns Wanton Deaths


The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) expressed its deepest regrets and dismay over the prevailing climate in Liberia of mob justice, armed robberies and mysterious deaths of citizens.

A press release issued yesterday said these unwholesome acts are alarming to all Liberians at home and abroad because they represent the deteriorating security condition and a failing criminal justice system in Liberia at a time when UNMIL forces are downsizing and the country is preparing for national elections one year from now.

Recently, the release said “Liberia has seen mob violence which destroyed a hotel in Ganta, Nimba County, because of a suspicious murder; the unexplained deaths of two children in Monrovia; and the high profile mysterious deaths of two prominent Liberian citizens, Cllr. Michael Allison and Mr. Harry Greaves Jr.”

According to the release, these deaths are shrouded in mystery and suspicion and are leading to a serious crisis of confidence in the ability of the government to fulfil its first obligation to its people to keep them safe and secure, said the release signed by its president, Wilmot Kunney.

According to the release, a major reason for this crisis of confidence is the conspiracy of silence and lack of concrete government actions to fully investigate, arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

The people of Liberia deserve concrete actions that demonstrate the will and ability of their government to competently solve high crimes and not resort to public pronouncements giving assurances with no results.

ULAA calls on the government of Liberia to commit to full forensic investigations in the deaths of Cllr. Allison and Mr. Greaves, keep the public fully informed on a regular basis through press conferences on the ongoing status of its investigations, and bring the culprits to justice. Without these commitments, the Liberian people abroad and at home will continue to lose faith in the government’s ability to provide security to its people now, and when UNMIL departs.

Security is paramount to investment and development in Liberia, hence ULAA calls on the government to build the capacity of the security agencies to be able to provide full security, investigate all acts of crime and bring perpetrators to justice so Liberians can regain confidence in their government for their safety and security.

“ULAA joins the people of Liberia and unequivocally condemns this mysterious act, and demands an end to the continuous deaths and disappearances of innocent and high profile Liberians. ULAA strongly believes that the government of Liberia owes it to the people, and it urges the government to take all necessary actions to end this incessant climate of fear,” the release said.


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