ULAA Condemns ‘Terror of Rape’ Against Children


The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) has termed as terror of rape the savage incident involving the 15 year old minor who was raped and impregnated by her stepfather in Johnsonville Township.

Johnson Chulutay, who is married to the mother of the minor, repeated raped her in the absence of her mother and eventually impregnated her. Her mother became aware about the situation later but decided to take no action against her husband but thought to send the minor to relatives in Lofa County where she successfully had her baby.

Chulutay has been on the run since the new broke out but was later captured and is currently facing the law.

ULAA in a statement over the weekend expressed grave concerns over the prevailing situations of rampant violence against children especially teenage girls, who are experiencing rape, abuse, sexual harassment and exploitation.

The Union said raping of children can lead to emotional abuse, neglect and can negatively impact the developmental wellbeing of children in the Liberian Society.

ULAA, which is the umbrella organization representing Liberians and their various organizations in the Americas, also called upon all women organizations to join forces with all civil society and developmental agencies to strengthen community-based protection for young children against abuse, harassment and exploitation in Liberia.

“In this light, the Union condemns the terror of rape unleashed upon the 15-year-old by her stepfather in Lofa County, and also, calls on the Government of Liberia to immediately bring the perpetrator of this diabolical act to justice without delay,” ULAA said in its statement signed by its national executive president, Vamba S. Fofana.

In a shocking video that went viral on social media, the 15-year—old explained how she once lived with her mother and the husband in Monrovia. But since her mother’s husband family never liked the mother, her grandmother told the mother to go to Lofa and leave her husband, but the mother refused, until the unthinkable happened leading to her pregnancy.

The survivor lamented: “That day, when my ma was going to sell, she told me to lock the door. After I finished locking the door and went to sleep; my ma husband tied cloth on his face and put clothes in my mouth so, I could not shout, and he did bad thing to me. By that time, I was menstruating when he did it to me. When I told my ma, she said husband cannot do that kind of thing.”

The little girl’s further narrated that after some time, her stomach started growing, her mother bought pregnancy test and tested her and found out she was pregnant. But by that time she explained, she was already three-months pregnant and nothing came out of it. “So, she sent me to my grandma in Lofa to be here.”

The rapist, Johnson Chuluty, 36, admitted to the act after he was captured in the Mont Barclay area recently. He told newsmen at the LNP headquarters in Monrovia, “I’ am the one who did the act,” Chuluty said shortly after he was charged with the Crime of Rape in violation of the Act to Amend the New Penal Code Chapter 14 Section 14.70.

The Diaspora Liberian organization further stated that efforts should be made to build an ever-broader constituency in favor of providing awareness through the Ministries of Gender, Children and Social Protection and Health in order to seek synergies between strengthening preventive means and improvement of conditions that can lead to stopping sexual abuses and mental health challenges in the wider Liberian society.

“On the other hand, the Union is urging the Legislature to protect our young daughters by steadfastly enacting tougher laws to halt and seek appropriate action against teenage girls’ sexual abusers.”

Public concerns about the recent wave of violent activities across the country, especially the increasing number of violent assaults (physical, verbal and emotional) against women, led to a protest recent in front of the Foreign Ministry, the seat of the presidency. Women advocates and ordinary ones trouped in their hundreds to demand from President Weah, actions to end violence against them.

Weah in 2018 declared himself “Feminist-In-Chief” a tag that many thought would have led to robust protection of women, but much is not being done as violence against women exacerbates under his regime.


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