‘UL to Offer PhD Degree’

-Dr. Mills Jones


By Alvin Worzi

The political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, says his administration will ensure that the University of Liberia offers the PhD degree, emphasizing that UL should be positioned to award terminal degrees (the highest degree in a discipline) in various disciplines.

Dr. Jones made the assertion during the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) student class night held at A La Gunge on Congo Town back road, when he was cited for his outstanding contributions to society.

Dr. Jones said scholarships will be offered to qualified students in the sciences, healthcare, and education.

“And there will be increased support for university teachers to pursue PhD degrees abroad. The goal is to create within a specified period the offering of doctorate degrees at the University of Liberia. It is time for the University of Liberia to join other universities in Africa that offer doctorate degrees. It can be done; it will be done,” the former Central Bank Governor said.

Under a MOVEE administration, he said university education will be subsidized using a low-interest student loan scheme to cover the cost of tuition, books and fees to help ensure access to education for all.

“Those who graduate from college/university or complete high school or who join the youth corps that will be established will further advance this idea of oneness across our country.

The reconciliation theology of the MOVEE administration will be preached early to the young people of Liberia. We will not let 170 years come and go again while we struggle to define who we are as a people,” Dr. Jones said.

He said MOVEE’s reconciliation theology will also be supported by a policy of economic empowerment and the building of a vibrant, diversified economy with expanding opportunities for all Liberians.

Dr. Jones said Liberia needs men and women of action, not people who just make promises or preach division and offer little in terms of meeting the challenges of underdevelopment and poverty.

He said ‘regular politicians’ have failed Liberia. “And while failure doesn’t mean a grade of zero, because all has not been bad, for a country that is 170 years old the passing grade should mean more than schools without benches, laboratories and toilets, hospitals without adequate equipment, a few passable roads during the rainy season, a minuscule level of food production, widespread poverty, the absence of a truly Liberian middle class, the lack of meaningful participation of Liberians in the country’s economy among others.”

Dr. Jones told the students, “You are leaving the university at a time of great expectations.

The political calendar is calling for election of a new president and a new House of Representatives. And while you may see it as yet another national event, this election is actually about each of you as individuals: your prospects for meaningful jobs; for a higher standard of living; for having a socio-political system that encourages performance and rewards merit.”

The election, he said, is about each of them “for being productive citizens in a pluralistic society, yet wedded to a common Liberian identity; for being able to take pride as members of that generation of Liberians that rose above the long-standing illness of greed and selfishness to put Liberia on the path of reclaiming its promise.”

Meanwhile, several attempts to solicit the views of the director of the National Commission on Higher Education, Michael Slawon, were futile as his cellphone rang without him answering the calls.


  1. Give me a break! The very people who divided us, Liberians; by voluntarily separating themselves, from the majority of Liberians, the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, are now speaking as if they are innocent. It is not “DIVISIVENESS”, when majority of Liberia’s People democratically choose one their own; as President, Republic of Liberia. That’s Truth Democracy…

  2. For now, the Institution, in Liberia that needs the most attention, is Booker Washington Institute-BWI. Real Nation builders are trained at BWI.They are the hands on TECHNICIANS who really make talks into REALITY. Liberia has no shortage of PEOPLE who talk a lot; but do very little or nothing at all. Money spent on B.W.I, is WELL SPENT.


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