UL To Begin E-learning Academic on July 28

According to Dr. Nelson (middle), it is a transition that will challenge administration, as well as students and faculty members, but with deep integration of technology in learning in the future of higher education.

Amid the growing number of Coronavirus cases in the country, the University of Liberia (UL) says all is set to commence a special second semester education for the the 2019/2020 academic year through E-learning programs.

Dr. Julius J. S. Nelson, Jr, made the disclosure on Thursday July 2, 2020 during a press conference at the University of Liberia auditorium.

Dr. Nelson said this online learning semester will be conducted on Moodle, the leading and globally-supported learning management system along with university’s digital registration and enrollment management system.

“With support from government and in collaboration with local partners, I am pleased to announce that the flagship of the university will commence classes for the second semester of academic year 2019/2020 on July 28, 2020 as a special e-Learning semester. This is a huge shift,” Dr. Nelson said.

According to Dr. Nelson, it is a transition that will challenge administration, as well as students and faculty members, but with deep integration of technology in learning in the future of higher education.

“When the visitor announced the digitalization of the systems at the university two years ago, that set in motion a process which was ultimately leading us to the actualization of e-Learning. This pandemic has only hastened the process,” Dr. Nelson said.

Dr. Nelson said acknowledging the magnitude of the challenges of conducting a novel online learning semester and to ensure success, the university administration has considered the needs of the students.

He said an agreement has been reached with a local partner for the provision of data packages and computing gadgets at affordable rates for registered students.

Dr. Nelson said “progress comes through deliberate actions and this Coronavirus pandemic presents a rare opportunity to embrace the inevitable change of welcoming technology on the learning environment from the 14th century to the 21st century.

He said the university is in discussions with Orange Liberia Management to help provide the data package for their students and the instructors.

Dr. Nelson said the new E-learning program will afford students the opportunity to graduate as scheduled.

“In our effort to continue to provide quality and affordable education for our students, consistent with the mission of the university, we embarked upon the process a resulted into full automation, integration and digitalization of our registration and grading systems,” Dr. Nelson said.

Dr. Nelson recounted that in 2018, when thousands of university students risked dropping out of school because of financial difficulty, the government intervened and announced a tuition-free policy for undergraduate students at the University of Liberia.

According him, this policy has led to steady increment of student enrollment at the University of Liberia. “To ensure our mission of providing academic freedom of creative thinking remains a core function of this institution, the university, through the assistance of USAID digital Liberia, installed a fiber-optic internet connection on three of our four campuses, with Straz Sinje soon to be connected via microwave technology by a local provider,” Dr. Nelson said.

According to the UL president, the university has begun a comprehensive review of academic curricula to ensure that courses conform to contemporary learning and teaching in the 21st century.

“A major next step in the internationalization of this university was a comprehensive relook at the pedagogical framework. During the 2018/2019 academic year, a plan was developed to gradually upgrade this framework to guarantee that we are on par with top universities in the region, remain competitive continentally and strive for convergence of standards with top universities in other parts of the world,” Dr. Nelson said.

He said it was then agreed that the university will gradually transition to a blended learning environment in two years, an environment in which students and faculty members will take full advantage of current technology in their academic and social interactions.

The Coronavirus pandemic, he noted, has interrupted this plan and changed the sequential nature of its delivery as well as affected all normal academic activities at the university. He however said based on the unpredictable timeline marking the end of COVID-19, it is unequivocally clear and apparent that in order to cope with the pandemic, they must “adopt and adapt.”

“The university, with about 20,000 students spread across the country during this period of restricted movements, faced the dilemma of either investing into digital education with obvious challenges or doing nothing until it is safe for students to return on campus,” he said.

Dr. Nelson said in keeping with the mission, role and responsibilities, the university chose the option of adopting pre-CONVID-19 digitalization plan, thus discarding the option of doing nothing.

He said since May, they have channeled all resources towards the reopening of school in a non-traditional way so as to achieve the twin goals of honoring our educational commitments and upholding public health guidelines.


  1. Now we coming see everybody with LU degree. Online learning? UL think it is Harvard and every house got wireless. The weak UL president with his big cross should go retire now. We need somebody with vision not a retiree.

    • Jefferson

      1. You don’t know the age of Dr. Nelson
      2. You really don’t know Dr. Nelson to consider him weak or without a vision.

      It is demon like you who can’t stand the sight of the CROSS. You and your generation will continue to pay the prize for killing a Baptist Preacher ( President Dr. Tolbert ) who understood what calvary meant to him and wore the CROSS as a symbol and reminder. 1980-2020, 40 years you are still in turmoil, broke, angry, jealous, envy, frustrated, and it goes on and on.

      We the Nelsons knows what the CROSS means to us, we will continue to wear it in different sizes. The reminder of Calvary have kept us and all our needs are met, I said ALL our needs. We know where our dependency lies.

      Dr. Nelson did speak about the challenges introducing e-learning and the help they will be getting to get it started.

      E- leaning is a common practice in every develop and developing country, why are those other universities not afraid that everyone will get a degree ? Maybe you are ignorant to the fact that at certain point, one have to defend their degree in person.

      The day you become President of Liberia, appoint who ever you want, As it stands, You really have no choice but to put up or shut up. REALLY….SMH

      • Ask President Weah where he defended his degree and to name one of his classmates. E-Learning is globally accepted and it’s time that Liberia join the rest of the world in the digital learning. Clinicals or Labs will be arranged and done in person with masks and gloves to prevent infections.

  2. This is a good first step that will enhance the learning process and make higher education available to all inspite of your location. UL will join the world in the delivery of tertiary education to Liberians by way of the internet. Laudable steps with long term benefits. Bravo Dr. Nelson!!

  3. It is coming Dr. Nelson but majority of us the student community are challenge with the issues of electricity and computer knowledge

  4. But of course, been “challenged with the issues of electricity and computer knowledge” is bound to be a relic of the past via this progressivism on the part of the Administration of the Republic of the University of Liberia, and The Administration of the Republic of Liberia!

    When Chris Columbus thought about or began his initial voyage to what is now the citadel of technological ingenuity, political power, and prosperity, there were similar challenges! In fact, with Liberiaś “TALK AND DO” President- Dr. George Manneh Weah, the students can rest assured that this development is the dawn of a new age in Liberian academia!

  5. Dear God, help our country Liberia so that the right people can be placed in the right position. This is my fervent prayer this day!

    Mr. President,
    How many Liberian students can afford to get a personal computer at this time?
    As cheap as Orange Liberia may offer data, how many families would be consistent in renewing monthly subscription?
    Have you conducted a survey in developed countries to know the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning?
    If it were that expedient, why can’t all American and European universities fully open their doors now amid the pandemic?

    This too, is just squandering of valuable resources that could have been channeled expediently to benefit many.
    Has the University of Liberia become a public testing institution to solely adopt digital grading system, Mr. President?
    Even Harvard University developed a software called “Criterion” to replace teachers but still found out that human correctors were still indispensable.
    Or do you plan on awarding university degrees through closed-ended question evaluation only?
    How do you expect to succeed in your blended learning process if you have no computer lab with at least 100 personal computers connected to broadband internet connection?

    God help Liberia eeeeeeeeh!
    They will send people to our children to speak big big book to them without countenance, and because the country is blind, our people will think they are doing something good for them.

    Mr. President, first and foremost, embark on making every UL student computer literate. For a student population of 20, 000 for a poor country like Liberia, endeavor to have at least 5 computer labs, each containing at least 100 pcs with stable broadband internet connection. Make practical and theoretical computer courses an obligation to all fields of studies.
    When you succeed in doing so, you can then embark on blended learning after at least 5 years, and some courses can be delivered through e-learning then.

    Let’s start attacking our problems from the root, my people! Stop the big big book to fool our children to eventually get the same results all the time.

    I hope no kooks will jump in my garden for my view on our common heritage, Liberia!

    • “How many Liberian students can afford to get a personal computer at this time?”

      Petarus, is it every single Liberian attending schools, colleges, and universities, with highly expensive and generally un-affordable insitutions of learning or schools, colleges, and universities in Liberia? NO! But you should spew rubbish because it is not that liar and 17th century “politician” who has suggested such ideas to the national interest. Look, if you have nothing meaningful to say, just keep quiet!

      “How many families would be consistent in renewing monthly subscription?”

      Petarus, the same response to you fired supra to your “view” which lacks conventional wisdom, commonsense, practical knowledge and or rudimentary intelligence.

      “If it were that expedient, why can’t all American and European universities fully open their doors now amid the pandemic?”

      Petarus, it is highly “expedient”, and that is why institutions of learning in North America, EU, countries, Japan, etc.etc. are taking advantage of it with even the doors. All of the children of my relations in North America and Europe were and are busy with e-learning “now amid the pandemic” as we communicate with you! Even banks and other firms, having experienced the advantages of working from home via the internet are even suggesting this E LEARNING OR E-WORKING modus vivendi to be the new way forward, since of course this way forward cut costs on accommodations etc. etc.!

      “Has the University of Liberia become a public testing institution to solely adopt digital grading system, Mr. President?”
      Petarus, this question is bad-off, since even a two year old knows that besides the necessity and or importance of e learning in schools, institutions of learning – especially higher institutions of learning are the laboratories of our existence across the globe!

      “Or do you plan on awarding university degrees through closed-ended question evaluation only?”
      This question is simply RUDE AND SILLY. Hence does not deserve attention.

      “How do you expect to succeed in your blended learning process if you have no computer lab with at least 100 personal computers connected to broadband internet connection?”
      This is another silly question considering any resolve to erect e-learning or e-working by institutions of learning or within companies.

      Dr. Weah and Dr. Nelson are revolutionary, dynamic and progressive! Keep quiet! You have nothing to offer in these discussions!

      • “He who knows not,
        and knows not that he knows not,
        is a fool; shun him.”

        You missed every point I made, Dumb Nationalist!

        • And that is why I shun you, Petarus; because you ARE ONE who knows not,
          and knows not that YOU know not THAT YOU ARE A FOOL. Hence, THE WHOLE COUNTRY and even that liar and 17th century political mentality – Cummings will put his neck on the chopping board that there is no “dumb nationalist” on this site. Rather, there is certainly A DUMB DOLO ON THIS SITE, AS PROVEN BY YOUR “VOLKS-WAGON” REASONING ON THIS SUBJECT MATTER.

          • Cummings has nothing to do with a Dumb Nationalist but Dolo. Why can’t you guys attack me and leave this respectable man alone, my people? I am neither his spokesman nor a registered member of his party.

            Copy the comment above and refer to it when the disillusionment in this article may have proven futile, then you will get to understand that you missed out on all my points but one

        • Mr. Dolo, it is baffling that when your state-owned and oldest university is about to have students benefit from the wonders of technology, instead of been optimistic for this overdue development, you are so chronically pessimistic and unnecessarily against the fact that a new realization is dawning.

          • Far from the truth, Garsuah!
            I am on this platform out of sincere love for my country. Let’s stop wasting resources and find lasting solutions to problems like other regional countries. Liberians like to daydream; we foolishly copy from others without attacking the problems from the grassroots.

            My children (in elementary and high schools in the Ivory Coast) continue classes to date through e-learning. Unfortunately, not all departments of the University of Cocody (public university) were able to continue classes. It simply means as advanced as this country may seem, not all schools have been able to adopt e-learning due to logistics.

            Let’s look at Liberia. I attended school with Liberians who had NEVER touched computer before. How many of our children have access to computer, or internet connectivity, or stable electricity in Monrovia?
            This situation only comes to unveil the inexistence of a system in Liberia in every sector. Look, the president is talking about blended learning; it means partly face-to-face and partly computer. Garsuah, tell me, is it feasible?

    • This Petarus Dolo gentleman is “something else”. His mentor Alex Cummings tells the electorate at the peak of elections that he Cummings will “create 100,000 jobs in three months”. Strangely, Petarus believes such childish rubbish from a hustler taking Liberians to be fools.

      But when a universityś administration is about to erect e-learning – something which is in vogue within many institutions even in Africa and Asia, Petarus says it is impossible and unnecessary. Petarus, use that “NUMBER” on your shoulders, and stop conducting yourself as a zombie for Alex Cummings.

      • Mr. Tamba,

        First, I am not talking for Cummings, and so attack me and leave him out of it. If only you knew the man you are attacking, you won’t say any rubbish about him.

        Tell me, when did you start using computer? In high school or university or on the job?
        Where do most UL students live in Monrovia? Central town or in the suburbs?
        Do they have access to stable electricity? Computers? Internet connectivity?
        Answer the above questions before you daydream e-learning.

        For the 100,000 jobs, I beg you, ask us this question during a public debate in front of the Liberian populace.
        Tell your Dr. Weah to turn up for intellectual debate next time, and we will tell you guys how we can do it. Doctorate degree holders don’t shy away from intellectual debates.

  6. Petarus Dolo,

    The only Kook (Crazy Ass ) that believes he has the answer to everything in Liberia is you.
    Up to date, you have no work history in Liberia and have contributed nothing to the University of Liberia.

    Your view has nothing to do with the well-being of the students at the University of Liberia or as a common heritage of Liberia . You are a known Alexander Cummings butt kisser with a gravy seeking, self centered narcissist and satanic plans banking on a Alexander Cummings presidency.
    Have the audacity to mention the name of God, devil like you.

    Everything in your so called suggestions are in the plans of the University e-learning program.

    I’m working a half day today and will back with a full statement. I don’t go back to work till Tuesday so I will have the time to discuss UL plans and the lies of this Petarus Dolo.

    Solo lied about having a master degree.
    Not the info we got from Groupe Pigier in Abidjan.
    We will also expose his stealing activities at speak easy international in Abidjan.
    This Ivorian claiming Liberian citizenship will be expose.

  7. Congratulation Dr. Nelson.

    The beginning of anything is hard, but adaptation is what will make it easy gradually.
    We the students of UL are not afraid to meet the challenges, we will start by the grace of God and the help of our government with her partnership of the GSM companies in Liberia and the international aids of learning system for implementation .

    If there are lot of delay for regular classes, E-learning is the must.


  8. Brother Dolo,
    It seems that you are becoming a controversial person as matters relate to Alexander Cummings and his presidential endeavor. Are you sure that your defense of him is how Alexander Cummings would like to conduct business if he ever comes close to being president? You’ve said previously that you have not seen or met Alexander Cummings in person. Somehow, you speak and defend him as if you’re a clone of his.

    In your retort to Nathaniel Tamba you write, “First, I am not talking for Alexander Cummings
    and so leave him out of it”. Are you serious? Are there two Alexander Cummings out there? So which of the gentlemen have you been defending? Somehow, you become flustered whenever a commenter stipulates what’s on his or her mind. What’s going on my friend?

    The other issue is this. Why do you think it is wrong for anyone to criticize Alexander Cummings? Why do you think it is pleasurable for you to attack Weah but yet very egregious for Cummings (your demigod) to be politically attacked? I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t disagree with Weah if you have to. For sure, you have a right to be heard. It seems that you are becoming a polarizing figure. Remember, when you attack Weah or any appointee of his, it comes right back at you. That’s how the world spins.

  9. Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! One hundred million times of Wow ! Look , just look at who is asking Mr. Dolo about defending perhaps a candidate of his choice , when Hney as a foot soldier of George will questioned the loyalty of others to the political choices they make when he is a died hard fan club cheerleader of George . Always pretending the opposite . When it is all about Weah , and Weah and Weah and Weah and Weah. Get Real With It Man ! And not fooling anyone, not even Mr. Dolo. Get out of the closet. It is all in your writings. The political hate for Cummings as a political competitor of George is so much that hearing anyone addressing his progressive agendas, got Hney streamed up. And has to intervene. Wow ! Wow!

  10. Fortunately, former UL President Dr Ophelia Inez Weeks set up modality for this paradigm shift. Stop the whining, Dr. Nelson took the right step; E-learning has come to stay, let’s live with it like others elsewhere.

  11. Jr. James Davis,
    Your “independent thoughts” always tickle me my friend.

    On a positive note, I think our brother, Mr. Dolo is infatuated with Alexander Cummings. Dolo’s infatuation with Alexander Cummings has made him an isolationist. For instance, anytime Honorable Dolo tries his best to defend and lay out his and Cummings’ political, social and economic ideas for the future of Liberia, he gets rebuffed. The genuine patriot, Mr. True Nationalist is Hon. Dolo’s match.

    Fact vs. Fiction:
    In a poor country such as Liberia, it is highly unlikely for100,000 jobs to be created in three months. Both Hon. Dolo and his demigod Alexander Cummings believe that 100,000 jobs can be created in three months. This is pure fiction. Just think about this……The insatiable egocentric Liberian lawmakers would not be overly stupid to kow-tow to the whims of a snake oil salesmen.

    In a poor country such as Liberia, a down-to-earth president should be able to create jobs in three months. Because of uncertainties, it is impossible to say how many jobs could be created in three months. For sure, an X number of jobs will be created. A thought such as the foregoing is not fiction, but rather a reality. But Hon. Dolo does not think like that? So then, brother James Davis, should I agree with a gentleman with whom I have a disagreement?

    I support Weah philosophically. I understand he is not a saint. The problems Weah encounters stem from the past. I understand when his critics bad-mouth him. I don’t approve of it though. What I’d to see is “honesty”. If a Weah critic accuses him, the accusation must be followed with evidence! Conversely, Hon. Dolo does not believe that Alexander Cummings should to be criticized at all. Is Hon. Dolo being undemocratic?

    You be the judge. Peace

  12. It is laudable to introduce e-learning at the UL, but we MUST first address the existing infrastructural challenges: lack of stable/affordable electricity and lack of access to computers. Thousands of UL students come from communities where there’s no electricity. Thousands more cannot afford to buy a smartphone or personal computer. Given these challenges, the UL administration SHOULD (i) set up computer labs with minimum 150 computers and printers for each of the existing departments; (ii) allot at least three hours daily for each student to use the labs for study purposes, of course under strict observance of Covid-19 prevention protocols.

  13. From this article, Kerkula Dolo, James Davis and Alston C. Armah concord with me. So, can we say Petarus Dolo is an isolationist?

    Comrade Hon. Hney agrees with me on every point I make, but because he doesn’t want to make a U-turn on positions he supported in the past, he tends to scandalize and isolate logicalities.

    It is indubitable that Petarus Dolo is a staunch supporter of Alexander B. Cummings but on this blog, it is Petarus Dolo who writes and emits opinions and not the ANC or my “demigod” Alexander B. Cummings.
    My admiration and support for my “demigod” is a support for excellence, merit, hard work and morality. Liberia, a country founded on Christian principles, needs to uphold these values if we want to build a nation for ourselves and our children.
    And so, it is a fair game for anyone to attack me directly for any controversial comments I make but not Alexander B. Cummings or my family.

    Comrade Hney was in Liberia sometimes last year, according to him on this blog. He always complains of unstable electricity and low standard of life in our schools, communities and in our nation as a whole.
    Yet Comrade Hney is convinced that e-learning can be introduced in UL where most of our students are computer illiterate, have no access to personal computers with internet connectivity, have no stable electricity and even where most of the lecturers and TAs are not computer literate.
    So, congratulations for the expedient deployment of e-learning at the University of Liberia, if only it is not another scam to embezzle millions of public funds again.

    As for the 100,000 jobs to be created in the first 100 days of the presidency of Alexander B. Cummings, I would like you to put this topic to rest for now and come to intellectual debates during the campaign of 2023 to question us on the feasibility before the Liberian people. Doctorate degree holders DO NOT shy away from intellectual debates, hope to see you guys this time, scary Joe!

    Again, people found it foolish when the Wright brothers were out there in the open air trying over and over again to get their plane model take up for the sky. It was ridiculous to many then, but it has become the fastest means of transportation where men have even used the technology to fly to the moon.
    Also, Albert Einstein was considered by many as mentally ill for his theories and witty sayings, but they are what the world alludes to for many inventions and breakthroughs to date.

    Liberia is a virgin economy with huge untapped potentials. All we need to do is to put our jackasses under control by providing them decent jobs to care for themselves and their families, and not the opposite which is illusory.
    Many companies go to Liberia and just within days or months of operations, draw the blinds and leave for a neighboring country due to corruption and opaqueness in business dealings in Liberia.
    Petarus Dolo has gone in with at least 2 multinationals which left with bitter experiences from our country. One of them had the intention of constructing a plant in Liberia but eventually diverted it to the Ivory Coast. The only thing they could do in Liberia was to takeover some farms which they run to date through a skeleton staff.

    Weah gave the poor children of Liberia (including me) hope by boldly saying he will bring FIXES. And then the same Weah comes back to the Liberian people to say the Liberian problems were caused by Ellen or they had been there for hundreds of years.
    Tell me, what is the definition of FIXES then! I thought this doctorate degree holder knew the problems and so he had the solutions for them, why should he be ambiguous to the Liberian people?
    So, FIXES means “our time to steal?”

    There is a place at calvary for all!

  14. Thanks to all well meaning Liberians that commented in support of the University of Liberia administration plans to introduce e – learning. For every change, there are challenges, concerns and doubt.

    The current 15th President of the University of Liberia, The Rev.Dr. Prof. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. was a student of the University of Liberia and a graduate of the University of Liberia. Serving his community, He worked with students nationwide @ LINSU and The federation of Liberian Youth ( FLY ) where he was a member, held several positions and later became chairman of the board.

    Giving back to his church and Liberia as a whole, One of Rev. Dr. Nelson’s Masters degrees in Youth and Young Adult Ministry from Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, USA, prepared him to be appointed by The Rev.Dr. Arthur F. Kulah, Bishop, Rtd. Episcopal office, UMC/ LAC as Director of Youth and Young Adults United Methodist Church, Liberia Annual conference, with the responsibilities of developing programs, providing scholarships, engaging national and international partners, molding the minds of youth and young adults in the 15th political subdivisions of the Republic of Liberia to be productive citizens and always pay forward to the ones that are behind and remember where our help came or come from.

    Because of Rev. Dr. Nelson’s work under the leadership of The Rev. Dr. Arthur F. Kulah, Bishop, Rtd. Episcopal office, UMC/LAC, Rev.Dr. Nelson was elected by his colleagues, ( Pastors and lay leaders ) of the Liberian Annual Conference, United Methodist Church as Secretary General of the United Methodist Church, Liberia Annual Conference, Republic of Liberia. He represented Liberia globally and held many international positions.

    Still giving back to his community and the church, Rev. Nelson’s Masters degrees in Theology and Divinity prepared him to teach at the Gbarnga School of Theology while serving as a Pastor in the United Methodist Church Liberia Annual Conference.

    Because of Rev. Nelson’s interest and experience in teaching, school administration, youths and young adults development, He came back to the United States to prepare and qualify himself even more for the many challenges facing the schools, youths, young adults and the church in Liberia by completing his Doctoral studies.

    Upon completing his Doctoral studies, Rev. Dr. Prof. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. was appointed Dean, Gbarnga School of Theology by The Rev.Dr. Dr. John G. Innis, Resident Bishop, Rtd. Episcopal office, UMC/LAC who was also a teacher and a no non – sense educator from Camphor Mission, Grand Bassa County. Again, besides Rev.Dr. Nelson’s administrative position as Dean, He also continue to teach at the Gbarnga School of Theology, Preparing Men and Women of All walks of Life to go out into society and become Pastors, Educators, Politicians, Social Workers, Productive citizens, Presidents etc. etc. Where the sky is the limit.

    The Rev.Dr. Prof. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. decided to give back to his alma matar, The University of Liberia. Under the Presidency of Prof. Dr. AL Hassan Conteh, former President of the University of Liberia, The position of Dean of Students became vacant. Dr. Nelson applied with several other candidates and the Board of Trustees of the University chose The Rev Dr. Prof. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. as Dean of Student, University of Liberia and forwarded his name to Dr. Conteh for approval and Prof. Dr. Conteh concur with the board. Dr. Prof. Nelson taught Ethics and Philosophy at the University of Liberia while serving as Dean of Students.

    Former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, appointed Dr. Emmet A. Dennis, President of the University of Liberia. Under the Presidency of Dr. Dennis, The Rev.Dr. Prof. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. was elevated as Vice President of Student Affairs with the approval of Dr. Dennis. a position Dr. Nelson held for 12 years during the Ellen’s Presidency and Dr. Nelson continue to teach irrespective of his administrative assignment as VP for Student Affairs and later became the Head of the department of Philosophy at the University of Liberia.

    Dr. George Manneh Weah, President of Liberia, Decided to appoint The Rev. Dr. Prof. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. 15th President of the University of Liberia, mid October 2019. One month later, The Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia unanimously Approved the appointment in November 2019 and The Rev. Dr. Prof. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. was inaugurated on Nov.28, 2019.

    To my fellow Liberians, especially Bros. Armah and Kerkula, who posted their legitimate concerns about the introduction of the e-learning program at the University of Liberia, I took the time to give a synopsis and a tip of the iceberg of the Man I know who is heading the University of Liberia,
    I travelled with many family members to Liberia to attend his inaugural program. His inaugural speech was posted by this paper Daily Observer outlining his vision and what he hope to achieve during his presidency with a projected timeline.
    In that speech, Dr. Nelson said the Student leadership of the University from (SUP), (SIM) and Others will be part of every decision taken by his administration.

    Dr. Nelson have a cabinet that consist of Various Vice Presidents of the University, Student leadership, The Board of Trustee. Local and International partners, GOL. He stressed consultations on decision making.

    So my people, this man, Dr. Nelson na walk from 404 on LU campus to get home, He been in Monrovia for the past 20 years straight wen we don’t have LEC light all the time, He knows the students problems about access to computers and computer knowledge because he was one of them, He understands what the faculty of the University of Liberia goes through.

    Please judge for yourself, With the background given, Will this Man as President of the University of Liberia, The Board of Trustees, His team of Vice Presidents,Various Deans, Student leadership and Stake Holders will sit in a meeting and talk about introducing e-learning without taking into consideration computer labs on and off campus, computer knowledge, data, and electricity availability ? Let give them a chance.

    Under Presidency of Dr. Weah, The University of Liberia experienced Major changes. Students can use their cell phones and other devices to register for their classes instead of standing on those long lines and under grad tuition is free up to date.
    The UL administration was aware that not all students had cell phones or other devices to register but if a student wanted a degree from UL, they will network with someone, friend, classmate or relative that had a cell phone to register, So far they love it and its working.

    Happy 4th everyone. I will be addressing Petarus Dolo by Monday. This opportunist will once again be put in his place.

  15. The situation has only been getting worse for several months now, and no one will tell us how much more to study in this mode. I have always studied well and engaged in self-development in parallel, l often before reading a book or some voluminous material, I often use a short overview first, in order to understand what will be discussed at all and whether it may be interesting to me. I recommend a useful source in my profile for you, on which there are many useful collections of articles on certain topics for the general development, go over and familiarize yourself with them, pick up reviews or analyzes of literature that interest you, or use the help in writing such works.


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