UL Students Disrupt Honoring Program


To protest closure of registration for the semester

A special program organized by the administration of the University of Liberia (UL) to induct honor students was last Friday disrupted by protesting students demanding an extension of the registration process, a UL release said.

The program was planned to induct and recognize the  academic achievements of 63 students who are considered ‘beacons of light,’ but the event was disrupted by some ‘unscrupulous students,’ said the release.

In a bid to restore order and to prevent future occurrence, the UL administration immediately called in officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The release said the UL Administration condemns in the strongest possible terms the violent behavior exhibited by the protesting students, and reminds them that such destructive behavior is a violation of the UL Student Handbook and the laws of Liberia. The Handbook forbids unrest on campus, with any student in violation of this provision risking suspension or expulsion consistent with due process, the release stated.

The registration, which according to UL authorities began September 11, was extended three different times. The UL Administration maintains that the registration process is closed for the semester. Meanwhile, the UL Board of Trustees will convene a special meeting on Monday to discuss the situation.

The student honorees were drawn from  the College of Business and Public Administration, the TJR Faulkner College of Science and Technology, Teachers College, the College of Agriculture and Forestry, Liberia College and the College of Engineering. The UL administration further disclosed that 13 of the 63 honor students are females.


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