UL Releases Countdown to 2nd Entrance Examination


The University of Liberia (UL) Center for Testing and Evaluation (CTE) has released preliminary statistics leading to the conduct of the UL 2019 second entrance and placement examination.

According to the statistics, candidates from secondary schools in five categories, including company, community, private, faith-based and public schools registered for the 2nd entrance.

The total of 3,472 candidates completed registration for the second entrance exams from the Undergraduate Colleges and the College of General Studies.

Of the total number of undergraduate candidates who registered, 2,120, constituting 61.1 percent are males, while 1,350 accounting for 38.9 percent are females.

The statistics further indicate that 621 candidates (17.89%) of the candidates who registered are from Public Schools; 1,328 (38.25%) are from private Schools; 1,412 (40.67%) are from faith-based Schools; 81 (2.33%) are from the company schools; while 30 or 0.86% are from community schools.

Additionally, the report states, 99.68% of the candidates that completed registration are Liberians, while the rest are Nigerians, Sierra Leoneans or Ghanaians. Also, according to the CTE report, 78.17% of the candidates are high school graduates, while the rest are either current 12th graders or students from other universities constituting 20.45% and 1.38% respectively.

Update Entrance Registration Center for Testing and Evaluation

Meanwhile, the Center for Testing and Evaluation is reporting that 392 candidates have registered for the Graduate and Professional Schools Entrance Exams up to the release of this report. Of the total number who registered, 242 candidates constituting 61.73 percent are males, while 150 or 38.27 percent are females.

These findings are based on data already processed by the Data Entry Clerks from May 29 to June 29, 2019.


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