UL Pharmacy Students Undertake Hand Sanitizer Project


-Targets 50,000 people

As the coronavirus outbreak places the world under obligation to innovatively strategize for a cure and preventive measures, students in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Liberia (UL) are undertaking a milestone project of producing hand sanitizers intended to be distributed free-of-charge to a targeted population of 50,000.  Sanitizer constitutes one of the major preventive items used daily by people to avoid contracting the COVID-19 or any infectious disease.

The project is initiated by the faculty of the School of Pharmacy along with students, and it is being implemented in the laboratory at the Medical School in Congo Town by second, third and fourth-year students.

The Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Dr. Ezekiel F. Hallie, says when more resources are available, the initiative will be expanded to other institutions.

Disclosing the project to journalists in Monrovia recently, Dean Hallie unveiled more than 300 bottles of hand sanitizers that had been produced and ready for use.  He said the school is mobilizing additional resources from donors through a proposal to aid mass production to extend supply to a larger population to control coronavirus infection.

“So, as the Dean, I mobilized the faculty members with the limited resources we have to begin something to sanitize our workers, our students and the community in general,” he said.

He termed the initiative as a boost for the university and the School of Pharmacy, as he recalled that during the Ebola crisis, pharmacists were very limited in taking control of preventing the disease.

But with the expertise and improvement they got in education, he said the School of Pharmacy decided to take this initiative and let the public know that pharmacists here have the ability to control infection and they know about medicine.

He indicated that this initiative is not intended only for the fight against coronavirus, but it is the students’ regular practical that they have to go through in laboratories at the School of Pharmacy. However, he concluded that because coronavirus is very immediate, they want to attack it right away.


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