UL Launches Study Guide for Varsity Students

UL President, Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks

Is there a secret to success at university? The answer is yes! There are some essential skills and smart strategies that will help students, especially freshmen and sophomores, to improve their results at university. And these are exactly the skills and strategies that authorities at the University of Liberia (UL) have compiled into a book for the benefit of thousands of its students, with focus on newcomers.

Towards enhancing student academic achievement, the university over the weekend launched its study skills book titled, “A comprehensive Study Guide for University Freshman Students,” under the theme, “Effective Study Skills: The Achiever’s Secret.” The book, authored by Mrs. Mamawa Freeman-Moore, is meant to develop effective study skills for collegians.

According to Mrs. Moore, the study guide is intended to develop effective study skills for freshman level students, who experience difficulties adjusting to their new environment. “Some of our new students find it very difficult coping with their lessons upon arriving here. This is why we have put together these methods that they can use to improve their output,” she said at the launch.

Mrs. Moore is also the Founding Director of the Lux-In Tenebris Scholars Program. She said the student skills book is a gift that will empower students and help them to acquire lifelong study and learning strategies that will enhance their ability to achieve excellence.

She recognized the support of the UL administration in preparing the materials.

Assistant Education Minister for Basic and Secondary Education Ms. Felicia Doe Somah said the lack of an effective study guide for university students has resulted to several of them being misplaced in their areas of studies which most times affect their performances.

Minister Somah added, “With the development of this book, we believe that our students will develop the requisite skills to pursue academic excellence.”

She noted that the effective skills guide should not only be used at university level but also at primary and secondary levels.

Minister Somah indicated that improving the country’s “messy educational system” needs the collaboration of everyone and not government alone.

UL President Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks, for her part,  described the guide as a delicious banquet of food for thought.

“This, to me, seems to be more than a book launch, but a huge gain for us, and we hope our students take advantage of it,” Dr. Weeks said.

She noted that Madam Moore’s work at the university is not only directed at the book launch, but working through the scholars program.

“I can only see a bright future for the UL as a result of collective effort because it was the wisdom of former president Dr. Emmett Dennis, and it will help the students realize the true meaning of education,” Dr. Weeks said.


  1. Thank you very mush for the Study Guide. Please make it available for all students in Liberia maybe through the internet to be printed out.The biggest State run higher Institution is the UL.I think it should be your responsibility to promote quality education in Liberia and how to achieve it.If not you will always experience such problem of students not doing well at the University. Again thanks to the Administration of UL.May God richly bless you.


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