UL Honors 32 Scholars, Authors

Some of the honorees seated at the auditorum of the UL.

—- For Excellence Research and Peer-Reviewed Publications

The administration of the University Of Liberia (UL) has honored and certificated 32 distinguished professors including scholars and authors in recognition of their scholarly contributions to excellent research and peer-reviewed publications that expand the boundaries of knowledge and enrich the lives of students and the Liberian society.

Their publications covered the period from academic years 2018/2019 and 2019/ 2020. The ceremony recognized the outstanding accomplishments of University of Liberia professors and instructors, as part of activities marking the 101st commencement.

Those honored are Dr. Moses M. Zinnah, Ph.D., Professor and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Josephus M. Gray, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Dean of Liberia College; Associate Professor Eva Mappy Morgan, LLM; Dr. Eugene Shannon, Ph.D.; Dr. Lester Z. Tenny, Associate Professor of UL Graduate Studies Program in MBA.

Also following are Dr. James McClain, Ph.D, Assistant Professor and Dean of Science College; Assistant professor Thomas Kaydor, M.Sc, (Ph.D candidate) and Academic Coordinator of UL Graduate School; Mamadou L. Bah, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of the IBB Graduate Studies Program and Assistant Professor Johnson J. Geply, Ph.D, among other distinguished professors and instructors.

Three of the 31 honorees hold the rank of full-professorship while five hold the rank of associate professor and 13 assistant professors, nine (9) are holders of instructor rank.

The lists of the distinguished honorees include 15 Ph.D holders, one LLM Degree holder and 15 holders of M.Sc. Degree. The university has more than 800 faculty members, who are full-time and adjunct faculty.

During the program on the Fendall campus on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, the president of the University of Liberia, Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo S. Nelson, pledged that his administration will expand and cultivate the culture of research among UL staff, the students, and faculty members.

Dr. Nelson announced a Research Grant Fund Platform in the amount of US$50,000 as seed money to cultivate research at the University of Liberia. He urged UL faculty to take advantage of the grant to contribute to new knowledge by undertaking excellent research and make the findings of their works published.

Prof. Dr. William Ezra Allen, serving as keynote speaker, indicated that peer review publications develop a trained core of faculty, help to give universities a positive image and provide an equitable standard for academic promotion.

According to him, every upward movement has its material and psychological reward. “When you go to the faculty promotion exercise, the “Publish or Perish,” when you go through that exercise and you are promoted, there are incentives that come with this promotion.”

He noted that these include material incentives and psychological incentives or benefits. He said that that feeling of self – satisfaction, having gone from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor or to full professor, while also benefiting an upgrade in salary or the material benefit.

He added that those who have not published should give it a try and do publication, saying by doing so they will be producing knowledge that is needed by the university and the society at large.

In conclusion, Dr. Allen suggested course reduction for professors who are engaged in research and publication so as to afford them the opportunity to give time to their writing work.


  1. A good effort, does the University has a printing press to publish these findings for the public to consume? The topics should have been publish along with the professors’ name. It is possible some of those topics are very important to solve our present problems.

  2. My dear president of the University of Liberia, Dr. NELSON,

    Give these people an international recognition and outlook, do NOT limit them.
    Present them for the Fulbright Scholarship at the US Embassy near Monrovia. Let them qualify and go to the USA for about 3 or 4 years, and let them come back to publish before giving them the material and psychological rewards.
    Liberia wants to once again become member of the community and comity of nations. Our students should not be looked down upon. Make us competitive, Mr. President.

  3. What’s a mockery this president is making? Many of these so-called online-PHD degree holders he is honoring can not pass through international scrutiny for the degrees they have let alone the titles of professorship. Liberia is at the nadir of the world’s academic ladder. Everyone knows that…

    What are the peer review evidence based materials these so-called university professors have published that earned them the titles that are being conferred? Which universities they liaised with for their peer review publications? He is fooling these people who ought to gain international exposures to validate their standings in the comity of academic nations around the world.

    The once glorious University of Liberia of Patrick Seyon, Amos Sawyer, Togba Nah Tipoteh, Dixon Redds, Patrick Teah Tarpeh, Alfred Ndebeh Amah, Moses Moley Palima, Henry Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr, Lamini Waritay, Mary Antionette (Grimes) Brown Sherman, Levi Zamba, John Varfley, Anthony Barclay, Wingrove Dwamina, Cecelia Bryant, Festus Harley, Victor Ward, has today ceded to academic incubates whose primary duties are to award degrees to all as though distributing academic degrees is their sole function of being at the university.

    They have no clues of the harm they are creating. They are festering the country with graduates who can not compete internationally. Those adulterated degrees they are issuing are marooned to the Liberian jobs market, which is starkly anemic of employers.

    The university is following the footsteps of Cuttington University College in granting graduate degree to anyone who stands in need of a degree without the rigor that appertains the earning of such a degree. I don’t want to be grossly specific, but pretty tell me what the likes of Lester Tenny, a product one of Lagos-Nigeria “Come-get-PHD universities, doing at a graduate school in UL? Can he even publish a standard research paper that is on par with professors from outstanding universities around the world? What’s a mockery? And you are letting these people teach graduate students and subsequently award “their student-clients” graduate degrees?

    Pretty soon all the market women, the farmers, pan pan motorcyclists will be awarded degrees en masse to rid the country of literacy. They too need it! It is their rights and University will have to be fair to them to unconditionally award them the degrees according to their needs. All Liberia, Liberia hail!

  4. The name is James Teah Tarpeh, PhD (not Patrick) in Political Science, and former head of that Department. He is of the “University Hour” fame on ELTV in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The other Tarpeh was Dr. Dominic Tarpeh, PhD Vice President of LU (either for Administration or Academic Affairs).

    Thanks for your informative contribution.

    • Thank you Charles for the correction; the mistake came out fast thinking about the professors back in the day. You are right: James Teach Tarpeh; and if I make correct another. I meant Zamba Liberty, not Levi Zamba. Thank you very kindly.

    • Thank you, Charlse, for the correction; the mistake came out of fast thinking about the professors back in the day. You are right: James Teah Tarpeh; and if I may correct another. I meant: Zamba Liberty, not Levi Zamba. Thank you very kindly.


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