UL Entrance Results Out

Dr. Ophelia I. Weeks, President, University of Liberia

Authorities of the University of Liberia (UL) yesterday released results for this year’s entrance and placement exams.

Of the 8,318 students who wrote the exams, about 1, 778 made passed, while 6, 540 failed, the UL testing and evaluation department is quoted in the Campus Review newspaper, which contained the results released yesterday.

On the candidates that passed, the UL said it will enroll them “either on a provisional basis or as full-fledged freshmen.”

Shortly after she presented the final results of the exams to the Faculty Senate, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks, commended members of the examination committee chaired by Cllr. T. Nagbalee Warner. She also commended members of the Faculty Senate for approving the results.

Weeks said in spite of challenges, the UL family worked together and administered the exams free of fraud and leaks, a situation which could have caused some delays in the process.

She applauded the prospective freshmen students for the step each of them took to pass the entrance exam to further advance their academic pursuits.

This year’s UL entrance and placement exams were written in three areas, including the regular four-year degree programs; the Sinje Technical and Vocational College in Grand Cape Mount County; and the College of General Studies, formally containing Education Programs.

The results also indicate that 183 candidates successfully passed the four-year degree granting programs; and of that number, the university will enroll 1,132 on a ‘provisional basis.’ This means the university authorities will not allow the prospective students to carry full 21 credits until they improve on their academic performance.

Additionally, in the College of General Studies, 16 candidates made a pass, but the UL says it will admit at least 180 other candidates on a ‘provisional basis.’ This also means, the UL will enroll the candidates, but they will not carry full credit loads until they improve on their respective academic standings. For Sinje Technical and Vocational College, 287 passed, with 56 on a ‘provisional basis.’

“In total,” the UL said, “1, 778 candidates passed the examinations, while 6,540 failed.”

Dr. Weeks has meanwhile reminded members of the Faculty Senate that as a matter of policy, candidates are given a grace period of one academic calendar to enroll, or they will forfeit their present entrance results.

Meanwhile, Dr. Weeks has challenged any candidate who may have qualms over the results to go to the Testing Center, and to do so at once.

She also called on candidates who passed and those on a provisional basis (under condition) to contact the Admissions Office to begin their registration process without delay. The process, she said, will continue up to October 31.


  1. Lassana B Dukuly I graduated at the university of Liberia I do Biology major and chemistry minor I live in Monrovia.

  2. Hi, the University of Liberia.
    I am one of those that have sat for the previous entrance exam given May 13, 2017
    and I attend the Wein Town Public school, but have not seen my result.
    Thanks so much.

  3. I am Morris J. Boiyoy,I one of those who wrote the University of Liberia replacement entrance may 13,2017 but did not see my name yah,still checking..

  4. I’m miss Beatrice Winnie one of those who wrote the University of Liberia replacement entrance May 13, 2017 .Still checking for my name.Graduated from The Lord’s prayer Academy.

  5. I’m Ralph Varney one those students who wrote the 2017 entrance exam and replacement of the University of Liberia 13 May,2017 still checking for my name,Graduated from the Williams V.S Tubman High School sinkon Monrovia.

  6. I read throughtout this released I didn’t see any listen of candidates.please direct me where to fine the listening, thanks


  8. I am George King Monway, one of the students that sat for the UL placement Exam. I am trying to get out my result but I can’t, please help, direct or give me the website to help find out my result. Thanks for your cooperation.

  9. life is not just Fair at all because are took the entrance of the university of Liberia and not see my name I am Shadrach b. Jaikleh, one are notices of the entrance of the university of Liberia when ever you try your best you will still make a pass

  10. I am Sylvester Guah, I have exerted every effort to access the UL Entrance Results on UL Website but to no avail. What is the problem?, after pronouncement has been made public on various media institutions. Please revisit your website.

  11. I’m Actor Miraj a Biology student University of Liberia, how can our brothers and sisters check their results.

  12. Hello! I’m Othello N. Denelson, I sat for the university of Liberia entrance examination on July 22, 2017, and I want to know my result.

  13. Let me appreciate the University of Liberia for the little improvement and I’m encouraging them to please provide Internet facility on the both campuses!

  14. Let me appreciate the University of Liberia for the little improvement and I’m encouraging them to please provide Internet facility on both campuses!

  15. I am Frederick Myers, I am appealing to the boar of the University of Liberia to please make sure that the Entrance of the University of Liberia to be given in a proper ways, what i means by that, let them stop collecting money for students name to come up. that is not right.


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