UL Denies Student From Graduating

Any student who is involved in any activity that disrupts normal university activities shall be expelled, the University of Liberia has warned. Pictured: UL President Ophelia Inez Weeks.

 Due to fake documents

The President of the University of Liberia (UL), Dr. Ophelia Weeks, has resolved that Melvin Slowbo, who was supposed to be a part of the management department’s graduating class this year, will not be allowed to graduate due to alleged fake documents and his involvement in stealing at the university.

Dr. Weeks made the disclosure over the weekend during an interaction with journalists on the university’s Fendell Campus outside Monrovia. She also revealed plans to augment UL’s online registration and break ground for a US$2.3 million dormitory for 1st and 2nd-year medical students.

“We have arrested a young man, this is not a fake person, but a real person who had fake documents and is a graduate – Melvin Slowbo, who is in the management department of the university and trying to steal from the university,” Dr. Weeks said.

“Melvin will not graduate this year. The investigation showed that it took him less than thirty minutes to get the document and even fake receipts. This young man almost stole from a young lady who gave him her money to go and procesws her registration as well,” she said.

Dr. Weeks said authorities of the university will begin arresting more people who are involved in such criminal acts at the state-run university.

The UL president said the school has planned over the last couple of years to introduce online registration, which a special committee is looking into.

She blamed lack of resources as the obstacle to augmenting online registration at the university.

This year, she said, “We were able to do something new to help ease the registration tension for students.”

She explained,  “We had banks that allowed us to see the registration of students in our system on campus. And the two banks are Ecobank and United Bank of Africa and we are hoping that we will work with other banks in the upcoming years.”

Dr. Weeks said the banks allow students to expedite their registration, instead of going to the campus and waiting for three days.

“This is where a lot of the bottleneck comes about. We will like to have the registration automated; we have a committee that is looking for a company to do that,” she said.

She said it was difficult for students to pay little money and want the system to be like others in Ghana or the United States, which is not possible.

Dr. Weeks said there is a need for the university to revamp ULSU scholarship, which is very close to some of the problems faced by the university.

She said there are people who do not want to see the university operating like universities around the world.


  1. If you stop hiring so many vice presidents, if you take a salary cut, then LU will be alright. You never graduated from LU and Ellen put you there so please let us hear.

    • Henry F whatever your last name; we can never pay our educators enough. They are the ones who produce our Doctors, Engineers, School Teachers and all other professionals. The ones who need to have their pays cut, are our top politicians. They are paid far excessively. If Dr.Weeks is doing a good job; which I believe she is doing, that’s what matters most. By the way, I’m obliged to remind you. Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks is highly respected among her colleagues. Please! Give her the chance she very well deserves to perform her duties. She’s an EDUCATOR. Let’s be grateful-she’s sharing her acquired knowledge with many others. That’s quite REMARKABLE.

  2. I think the new UL President should be given a chance to do her work. No one can deny that there are huge and complex challenges faced by this government institution. Rather than criticizing her very first efforts to remedy long-standing problems, Dr. Weeks needs to be given all the support she can get. At any rate, let’s be reasonable if we must criticize.

  3. Dr. Weeks, like other former UL president including my former boss Dr. Dennis, is doing her outmost best in the wake of financial crisis and limited support to the state owned university. We have law makers receiving exorbitant salaries and doing so little that it’s not worth mentioning as doing something, hence they are the ones that need to take salary cut. The upper and lower house have now been desecrated with the occupancy or incumbency of criminals and ignoramus, making high salaries which account for nothing short of financial waste to the country. They need salary cut so that the precious resources could be redirected to the education, health and agricultural sectors. Please Henry F., be more realistic and give Dr. Weeks a change to do her job.


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