UBA Liberia Introduces Teens Savings Account

UBA Liberia's Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Melody Mezay-Ketter speaks to the media on the significance of the UBA Teens Accounts product.
To help teens learn about financial independence and plan for the future they want, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Liberia Limited on Friday, January 25, 2020, introduced a Savings Account tailored for teenagers in the country.

UBA Teens will allow teenagers, (13-17) to open and run an account with the consent of their parents/guardian.

A UBA Teens accounts holder, according to its Liberia Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, Mrs. Melody Mezay-Ketter, stands to benefit an array of goodies including a thirteen-month cash reward, 50 percent discount on debit cards, complimentary invite to UBA Teens event and access to all digital banking products offered by them (UBA).

Based on that, Mrs. Ketter is therefore encouraging parents and guardians to take up the advantage of the product as well as help their children begin to understand the culture of saving.

UBA Teens Account, according to Ketter, will not only alleviate the difficulties parents face when the need arises to disburse funds to their kids when they are not available, but will also introduce teenagers to the banking sector at an early stage.

Both parents and the beneficiaries will be able to monitor said account and do transactions, based on the mandate issued on the account.

UBA Teens is one of several products UBA Liberia is introducing to her many customers to support the Central Bank of Liberia’s vision of financial inclusion for all Liberians.

The product has also been launched in UBA’s 20-country operation in Africa with Liberia officially introducing it on January 24, 2020.

Students of the B.W. Harris Episcopal High School, where the event took place, were excited about the possibility of owning an account and disclosed how important this would be in enlightening their minds about the banking sector.

The students, however, thanked the management of UBA for their farsightedness, something which they said none of the banking institutions has done.


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