UBA Donates US$150K to Liberia to Combat Coronavirus

Tony Elumelu: "Africa is one of the world’s viable destinations for investment."

The Chairman of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) group, Tony Elumelu, through the Tony Elumelu Foundation has donated a whopping five billion Naira equivalent to (US$14 million) to various countries in Africa including Liberia to help fight the deadly Coronavirus.

According to a dispatch from UBA Nigeria, the amount will be shared among all the African Nations where UBA presence is, including Liberia with the amount of US$150,000 to help the government combat the deadly epidemic.

Mr. Elumelu making the donation on Thursday, March 26, 2020, in Lagos, Nigeria, said the amount will provide significant and much needed support to Liberia, Nigeria and affected African countries by supplying relief materials, critical care facilities, and financial support to national Governments.

He donated 2.5 billion Naira to his home country, Nigeria, and 1.5 billion Naira to other countries where UBA is. The number of Coronavirus cases in Africa has risen above 2000 with South Africa and Egypt having the highest.

The pan-African bank, the dispatch said, will fund a medical center immediately in Lagos, Nigeria, with beds for isolation and ICU facilities, managed and operated in partnership with Heirs Holdings’ healthcare subsidiary, Avon Medical Hospital.

In addition, UBA is providing a free telemedicine platform that is physician-led to provide direct access to medical advice for citizens in compliance with social distancing requirements.

UBA Group Chairman Elumelu stated: “This is a time when we must all play our part.  This global pandemic must bring citizens, governments and business leaders together – and quickly. As we see a rapidly increasing number of cases of the coronavirus in Nigeria and Africa, the private sector has to work hand in hand with various Governments in stemming the spread of the global pandemic.

“We commend the efforts of governments and we are keen to partner and contribute our resources to the collective effort that will ensure the response to the pandemic is swift and effective.”

Operating in 20 African countries and globally in the United Kingdom, the United States and France, the United Bank for Africa has a strong record for supporting its communities through challenging times.

Meanwhile, in 2014 UBA also provided US$1 million to battle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, including Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone that accounted for the bulk of the 4,922 deaths blamed on the Ebola epidemic that began in March.


  1. We need to release all of the non-violent prisoners in Liberia’s jails to prevent the spread of the coronavirus


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