U$10,000 Cocaine Disappears in Court


A consignment of cocaine valued over US$10,000 arrested with a Nigerian national on August 15, in Nimba County and sent to the Sanniquellie Magisterial Court has reportedly disappeared from the custody of the court.
Already, the clerk of the court has complained about the disappearance of the illicit drugs to the police.
Police Chief Detective for Nimba County, James Q. Kartoe, told the Daily Observer via mobile phone that on September 5, the clerk of the Magisterial Court reported a burglary at the court where the cocaine was allegedly stolen.
According to Detective Kartoe, the incident took place on September 5, but was reported to the police the next day.
Up to press time last night, Police in Sanniquellie did not make any arrest, but the Police Crime Services Department told this paper that the crime was an organized one. Kartoe however did not link anyone to commiting the alleged crime.
The Nimba Branch of Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), on Saturday August 15, arrested a 32-year old Nigerian, Paul Ikegbunam, with a huge quantity of high quality narcotic substances at the Immigration Check Point, while he was enroute to Monrovia.
The Cocaine was concealed in the man’s footwear (African Slippers) and sealed up with thread as an ordinary pair of slippers.
The DEA, upon the arrest of the suspect, put the quantity of the cocaine to about 315.1 grams with the street value of US$7,875 and L$677, 250.
The DEA charged him for “unlawful possession of narcotic drug/cocaine” and sent him to the Sanniquellie Magisterial Court for prosecution since August 17.


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