U.S. Support Gratifies Defense Minister Samukai


 Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai, Jr., on Tuesday voiced out his gratitude and appreciation to the United States Government for its support to Ebola affected countries in the region with Liberia being the hard hit.

  Minister Samukai particularly praised the leadership role being demonstrated by the U.S. headship which, according to him, signifies that Liberia is not alone in the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

 He further praised US Ambassador to Liberia, Deborah Malac, for raising the concerns of the country to the outside world through her government.

 Minister Samukai: “Stopping the spread of the Ebola virus disease is the concern of the Liberian Government right now, and with your intervention, Liberians have begun feeling that the EVD is definitely on its way out.” 

 Meanwhile, Minister Samukai has re-echoed statement by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that the AFL will, as of yesterday, September 30, begin withdrawing the law enforcement supportive role in the country, and turn its attention to a more civil-oriented mission as a ‘Force for Good’ in the fight against Ebola.

Minister Samukai made the statement on Tuesday, September 30, 2014, when Mr. Michael Lumpkin, Assistant Secretary of Defense, from the US Department of Defense, and delegation paid him a courtesy visit at his Barclay Training Center (BTC) office in Monrovia.

 For his part, Mr. Michael Lumpkin expressed gratitude to the Liberian people through Minister Samukai for the warm hospitality accorded him and his delegation.

 He then expressed gratitude to the AFL for its support to the U.S. Military which, according to him, is helping them to be able to respond in an expeditious manner.   

 Mr. Lumpkin: “We have come with no fixed solution, but together we can make progress in the fight against the Ebola virus disease where we believe, with united front, we can defeat it in the shortest possible time.”


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