“U.S. Human Rights Report on Liberia’s Judiciary, A Collection of Perceptions”

Attorney Darryl Ambrose Nmah, Communiciations Director, Supreme Court of Liberia

-Supreme Court Communications Director, Nmah

The Judiciary Branch of Government, like the Executive and the Legislature in recent days, has referred to the U.S. State Department’s human rights report on Liberia implicating the third branch of government of corruption and unethical practices as a “collection of perceptions.”

Attorney Daryl Ambrose Nmah, the head of Communications and Public Affairs at the Supreme Court of Liberia, said it is not what any American thinks about Liberia matters most, but the beliefs Liberians themselves have about their own country and its institutions.

Nmah made the remarks recently when he appeared on the Super Morning Show (SMS) at the State-run ELBC, an institution he once managed as Director-General.

While on the radio, Nmah said perceptions can be for the good or the bad reasons, but in most cases, perceptions from Liberia, which seem to be informing many others abroad, are far from the truth.

In the State Department’s report, it is alleged that the Liberian justice system, particularly the courts, are not doing well to help uphold the rule of law and by extension, stop shielding possible criminals of both local and international laws.

“Two ways people get perceptions. They either get them by direct interactions with people or based on speculations.

“I came to know about how these kinds of reports are written when I first got at the Supreme Court in 2015. Newspapers publications, what people say regularly in the public or on radio are usually the sources from which these reports are written,” the Liberian Supreme Court’s Communication Director said.

“Before, I thought the U.S. State Department or a particular public official assigns certain persons to collect the first-hand facts, but I became disappointed when I got to know that it is not the case.

“Our own fellow citizens post many things on social media, even if they do not have the facts and some newspapers, too, run with all kinds of headlines, sometimes hardly supported by facts. These are what those who write these reports collect and use for the purpose and wish to serve,” Nmah alleged.

He said there are challenges everywhere because all institutions, including the Judiciary are managed by human beings.

“What I have so far researched and I think is true is that people having confidence in the court’s matters. When ordinary people, in particular, know their rights and privileges and are always not short of courage to test the legal process, it is always good. That dispels the unnecessary perceptions,” he said.

According to Nmah, the actions of many people, mainly one that has to do with feeding the world with false information, is responsible for investors not coming to Liberia.

“Foreign investors don’t come to your country and take interest in doing business simply because of the number of elections a politician wins, but the independence and credibility of the justice system, particularly, the courts,” Nmah said.

 He added that there are people who are educated (literate by credentials) but do not know their rights and privileges and as such, they live telling lies.

“Not many of them even read on issues. Most of them only read headlines in newspapers but never continue in order to understand what a particular story is about and the characters associated with it,” he noted further.

Nmah said it is sad that the Liberian society is operating on gossips, instead truth.

He pointed out that reform is necessary but it takes time to get it done at any level of societal operation.

“Even in court, when certain people lose cases, they say their opponents won because they had too much money. It is a wrong perception.  But again, they have to decide to be good and responsible citizens who love and care about truth-telling,” he further added.

Nmah added: “There is truth that some members of the judiciary continue to bring the system to public disrepute by their unethical actions, but again, that is not enough to indict a whole system.

“They are individuals and whenever one comes in conflict with the law, he or she is brought before the same law to exonerate himself or herself.”


  1. The U S States Department has more problems on her hand than thinking of veering opinions on their problems to sway Liberians attention . For far too long Blacks in the U S have been dehumanized: voter suppression, enslavement, police brutality, etc. Their own human rights record should be straight before causing steer in our environment.

    Our educational system have made us to believe that Western Criticism is important for our own development. Liberian Police do not shoot you for broken tail lights, old warrants. Nobody harasses you during voting day. So, why can’t you leave us alone. Minnesota is on FIRE.

    Let’s believe in ourselves, let not allow people telling us who are our worst enemies or who love us. If we do, we are just appeasing outsiders, which will lead us no where.

    States Department telling us our human rights is bad, is nothing steering us against ourselves. Let the States Department ease police brutality against Black. One should practice what one preaches, or else it is nothing but hypocrisy. Their strength is our division. So, the more we are divided the more reason they have to cause

    • The statements and comments from Attorney Darryl Ambrose Nmah, Communiciations Director, Supreme Court of Liberia, and Manepaikeh Flomolon indeed meet the epistemological, ontological, and intellectual, requirements and standards of ANALYTIC JUDGEMENTS (judgements validated by truthfulness), while that so called human rights report is a mere ritual to mislead.

      That so called human rights report is like Satan or Lucifer and his followers or demons and minions, as a false pretense to have society sees him and his satanic kingdom as ideal, disseminating epistles on the consequences of vices when vices are his Lucifer or satan and his minions and demons actual ways of life, modus operandi, and modus vivendi.

      So, that so called report does not qualify for any serious attention, for its a mere confirmation bias (bias occurring when people favor lies and propaganda confirming already existing perceptions) emanating from the mountains of disinformation disseminated by sectors of “the Liberian media a guard dog for the highest bidder instead of performing its role as a watchdog to expose the ills in the society, living in the pockets of politicians who pay them to distort the truth,“ if we may quote one international human rights advocate.

    • “Our education system have make us to believe that western criticism is important than our own development” that should be the for all those journalist and social media posters including advocate who continue to be in the habit of spreading lies against their own country without knowing the consequences of their actions.
      This is harming the country political, social, human, infrastructure development.

      • So the $25 million mop-up money that was stolen by Weah and his friends is a lie? The murder of 4 government Auditors is a lie? The missing $16 billion LD is a lie? The banks are insolvent is a lie? Government workers don’t get paid for months is a lie? I think you believe your own lies that everything is fine, but people are spreading false information about the country. You’re such a fool. Western countries have nothing to do with George Weah and his bunch of thieves.

        • Ask them again!! I thought we were a Christian nation. We continue to break most all the ten commandments. No wonder God by-passes us all the time. We are corrupt to the core. We lie like con artists. Only corrupt government officials, risk taking foreigners and multinational corporations that wrangle their ways through, benefit from the huge resources of our country. I lie?

          Look at Bomi, Bong Mines, and Nimba. Are they developed? These places don’t look like normal mining counties. As I write this response, Nimba continues to be sucked up.. new mining companies up there with no benefits-the locals live in destitute but their resources have been building other countries since 1960.

          When LAMCO was operating there, some government officials were on payroll, some where the company’s lawyers. Mehn, if you guys can’t dance, y’all pass the cow tail to others. The Americans see everything you have been doing since the country was founded. Can you challenge them? How far can your denial go? The same Americans are helping your citizens more than you should be doing. Leave America alone mehn!!

  2. @ Manpaikeh Flomolon the day you your government stop depending on them to give you money 💰 to complete your country’s annual national budget will be when they will stop giving reports on your country.
    But as it is now, you have to accept whatsoever reports they writes about your country’s governing systems, because your government and leaders of the country are wicked, corrupt beggers that are unable to manage the affairs of your country.
    Moreover your government is depending on them for financial assistance and others help inorder to keep your government functioning, so they will continues to dictates and controlled your government on how to operates or functions.
    When you were fighting killing yourself, you ran to them to help you and they came with billion dollars of their money to help end your war, why did you run to them for help during the war when you were killing each other?
    Until your government is responsible enough and able to take care of all her citizens wellbeing especially in improving their poverty strucking lives the US will continue to write annual reports about your country and government nothing you or any of your compatriots can do about it. Remember, the hands that feeds you is the hands that control you.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    US human rights reports a matters of perception in the eyes of the beholder ? As in the case of the Chief Commercial Judge that stole million of US dollars from a hard working citizen that was trying to invest in his country ?
    That perception in the eyes of the beholders was found in the eyes of the judges that found it wise to only suspend the Chief Judge of the Commercial Court for only one year for stealing from a citizen as a government employee.
    Is that the kind of perception that exists in the eyes of the judges that decided not to turn the Chief Judge over to the Justice Ministry for theft of property ? As always protecting one of their own, or one of their political powerful politician friends.
    Truly, this is a diaspora Liberian that has come under the perception of returning home to help develop his country. The only kind of perceptions that exit in his mind and his eyes for an opportunity to tow the political load of the broken system of a dying regime. That’s the only reason that diaspora Liberians are good for. To tow the political load of the system. They only come to institutionalize corruption.
    And they are quick to point out that the local citizens disliked them, for fear of diaspora Liberians taking their jobs.
    And what actually is this diaspora Liberian doing that the local citizens can not do ?
    The perception in the eyes of the beholder, as the local citizens is that, the diaspora Liberians have actually come to take our jobs and to institutionalized corruptions. The perception in the eyes of the beholder as local citizens is that diaspora Liberians, is that diaspora Liberians are not here to help. But to lie to the world. Like this one in his western clothes.
    That is the kind of perception that exists in the eyes of the beholder of that God Forsaken Country.
    The US human rights reports is a matter of perception in the eyes of diaspora Liberians, like this one . Nothing to contribute but to institutionalize corruption through the legal system. Perhaps the Chief Judge of the Commercial Court that was suspended has left the country for the US. She too is a diaspora Liberian, institutionalizing corruption. The kind of corruption that this guy sees as perception in the US government human rights reports against judges in that God Forsaken Country.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Diaspora Liberians, wow ! What A Different Kind OF People Are These ? The truth is never found in them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    The US reports is a perception in the eyes of the beholder. When you are a diaspora Liberian, you can say that. The local citizens see differently and think differently. They see their fellow local citizens serving prolonged detention. But never the diaspora Liberians caught institutionalizing corruption. They all received a get out of jail card for free. That’s the perception in the US government report on that God Forsaken Country.

  4. @ Solomon Yeagar,
    Mind like yours is what help to kill William Richard Tolbert on that faithfull morning of April 12, 1980. Foreingers agents are always looking for Africans like you who are ‘turncoat’ against your own people.
    Those who killed William Tolbert came to Liberia and work with hands full of other Liberians like you, to get the ‘job done’.

  5. Brother Ambrose,

    Thank you for your excellent communication skills, as always proven. I understand you must come to the defense of the system. But I have questions at the corner of my mouth, brother.
    Did you read the report from the death of the 4 auditors?
    Could you accept that report as credible if it were written about any of your family members or even me?
    From such report, can you ever trust the justice system as a guarantor of impartial investigator and protector of public safety?

    Let’s take another example of a lawmaker who brought in investors from Ukraine and became a de facto shareholder in their company in Liberia. Using his status, he expropriated millions of dollars from those people without the justice system reacting appropriately, simply because he’s one of them and so covered by immunity. Can that investor ever encourage any investors to come into the country to invest when such news is being aired?

    It is not correct to say the US Department’s human rights report is a “collection of perceptions”. I know what you mean because I have also worked with a British charity that did just what you think.
    What happens is that they NEVER overlook any news story about human rights abuses or corruption tales or anything likely to disrupt public peace. When such stories are documented, they intelligently and subtly investigate their veracity before giving credence to them.

    Howbeit, it is crucial that our institutions learn how to communicate effectively. If you cannot communicate to dispel public perceptions, they tacitly become true.
    Inform the Liberian people, like what is done in the USA, on a daily or weekly basis on what you do and how you went about it. If you sit by and think you are big enough to respond to “stupid” questions from journalist/s you look down on, their stories will make headlines and given credence.

    From proofs and information all Liberians have in their possession, cases involving big money usually NEVER get fair judgment in Liberia, only minor cases.
    I am currently confronted with a minor case involving one of your zealous CDCians who has stashed lots of cash and so he thinks he can do anything without any crow chirping at him, since he belongs to the system. He’s encroached on my land and taken it for his. He’s been convened at many times to appear with his lawyer and deed for confrontation with the mother deed in the archives to no avail, but we are watching him to begin to do anything on that land!

    Liberia has come a long way. We must NEVER EVER delay or denial justice to anyone. We must learn to create and stop begging. Every day you are begging the US State Department for money to do everything, but when they condemn you on your human rights records, you push back hysterically, let’s come to think.

    Thank you for trying to defend the system brother, but you and I know where we come from and what we represent. The system is bad, we need to fix it!

  6. The Supreme Court Communications Director, Nmah lives in a bubble because he believes all is well in Liberia and the US State Department Human Rights report is solely based on perceptions and lies. Okay, if he claims the report is inaccurate, does he have any facts to refute the report? Did the Judiciary commission any polling of Liberians to find out what people think of the Judiciary? I don’t think he has any facts to contradict the report or he would have cited it. The fact is, Investors are not investing in Liberia because they don’t have confidence in the leadership of the country. In investment speak, Liberia is a high risk country. The international community believes that the CDC government is corrupt and incompetent based on its performance since coming into office. That is the perception everyone has including Liberians at home and abroad. Perception is reality, Mr. Nmah!

  7. If I may say one more thing, Investors around the world use the US State Department Human Rights report in their analysis when they consider investing in a developing country. They also read news articles from those countries. When four Liberian government audit officials are murdered and the government cast it aside as some kind of accident, it scares the heck out of any potential investor. It smells like a murder coverup and frightens investors. Everyone knows George Weah was broke before he became President, and now he’s some rich guy? Where did he get his instant wealth from if he didn’t embezzle it from the government or took bribes to curry favor.

    • What an idiotic ignorance in action! In as much as the life of any human is as valuable as any other human irrespective of social, economic, or political status, you simply rant about the death of four auditors scaring investors away, when even in cases where opposition politicians are murdered (eg. Rwanda, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Egypt, Yemen, etc.) investors still pour in investments and trades!

      If that so called report were “what investors around the world“ base their decisions on to invest in countries, then why would there be even a single investor in say Rwanda Egypt, etc. etc.?

      Or why would have there been investors in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Togo, DRC, ETC. and the several third world countries in which this very report rate and rated as low and bad human rights records?

      You people, out of your idiocy and ignorance, comment only for displaying your chronic ignorance, and pitifully disgusting idiocy.

      • True Nationalist – The murder of those auditors is just but one more bad thing that is going on in Liberia under George Weah’s leadership. Also, those countries you listed (Rwanda, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Egypt) are better governed than Liberia. I think you have lost your senses by including Yemen. Apparently you don’t know there is war going on in Yemen and no investor in his right mind will dare invest his money in a warring country. Liberia is not attracting investors because investors don’t have confidence in Weah’s leadership. He will linger on until 2023 when the Liberian people kick him out of office and he knows he’s no. The young people that voted for him are disheartened by his poor leadership and corruption. No jobs, no opportunities nor

        • James, our mentioning Yemen is the PRE WAR YEMEN, when even at that time the former longest serving leader Abdullah Saleh was in control, YEMEN HAD THE POOREST HUMAN RIGHTS RATING, nevertheless investment trades poured in from investors and traders across the globe.

          If Liberia under His Excellency President George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku Gbeh Tarpeh Manneh Weah were as you are jesting, then neither credibly acclaimed international actors as Transparency International, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Diplomatic Community in and near Monrovia, would declare that based on the improvement of the rule of law in Liberia under Dr. Weah, and the far far far less corruption as compared with his predecessors, they have respect and confidence in the integrity of His Excellency Dr. Weah!

          James nor would THE POLICIES of this God sent leader in this glorious land of liberty under God’s command be so popular within the peoples branch of government …the Legislature, nor would even opposition politicians who grass roots acceptance is so highly impressive, be wowing to support and campaign for His Excellency Dr. Weah in 2023!

          James, you talking about young people been disheartened? If this were the case then you would not have multitudes of the young people from organizations as CoP HAPPILY joining the youth wings of the very President Weah’s MIGHTY CDC! Compatriot, as a presidential campaign and elections expert, I can tell you up front that come 2023 President Weah is unmatched!

      • True Nationalist – If the Liberian government is doing everything right as you claim, then investors should be lining up to invest in Liberia. Wouldn’t you say? Well, they’re not coming so there must be something wrong. Since you think all the bad shit that’s happening under Weah’s leadership is not cause for keeping investors away, then please tell us why are investors not coming?

  8. The entire judiciary is corrupt from the Chief Justice down to the Court messenger. For example, land cases to simply determine or establish rightful ownership take years to solve. The judges take bribes to delay justice in simple land cases where the showing of deeds could easily determine the rightful owner, takes years to resolve because the judges and court officials take bribes from the guilty party. As a result of this, the highest bidder delays the case and the matter keeps languishing in the court system and justice is subsequently delayed and denied.
    The lawyers themselves are also part of the problem. With the exception of few, the rest are engaged in unwholesome practices like representing the Complainants, and then crossing over and taking bribes from the Defendants in the same case in which they are involved. How can you represent both the Complainant and the Defendant in a case? Only Liberian lawyer know how. The vast majority are corrupt to the core. However, there are few who live up to the norms of the practice like our dear Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe and few others.
    George Weah, Varney Sherman, Francis Korkpor, and their likes are all involved in high grade corruption and need to be brought to justice if Liberia were ever to be developed. These three thieves, especially given the role they continue to play to break down the entire system of government, through rampant corruption, violation of human rights, misuse of public office, graft, theft, and other vices that defy human understanding, should now seize the attention of the international community and all civilized nations around the World.
    The United States Government and her allies, including Great Britain, France, West Germany, the United Nations, ECOWAS, and other international organizations, should and must act quickly to help preserve Liberia’s democracy, and the numerous international and human rights protocols to which Liberia is a signatory.

  9. “Uncle Toms” in Liberia.

    Some Liberians who post comments on this page claimed to be “educated” than the rest of their fellow countrymen. But examining their comments, they are nothing but “crabs in a hot pot.” When one crab is trying to get out, some other crabs grab him/her and pull him/her back into the hot pot. Which then makes all the other crabs to become enemies to one another, non of them can get out of the hot pot, while the cook watches them to their demise.
    People who are criticizing our human right record have the worst human right violation since Nazi Germany or Repressive South Africa. I here some of our hypocritical fathers and uncles speaking of democracy and transparency, and yet, they are aligning themselves with nations that are suppressing their own citizens to vote.

    We should look around the world put an end the constant police brutality against minorities in America. Some of you who are a critics of the our country human rights record, should know that you can drive in Liberia with broken tail lights, suspended driving licenses, no insurance, DUI, etc. if arrested, you will have your day in court and pay fines. Try it some where else, you will go in body bag.

    The Uncle Tom’s mentality have left us with nothing, but poverty, mis-education, perpetual destitution, class-warfare. It pits us against one another, we cannot focus our attention on developing our infrastructures, creating a manufacturing-base educational systems to tailor the needs of our people. It makes us to look for solutions to our problem outside of our reach. One of the most disgusting thing of us is we are always looking for solutions to our problems from those who have hands in creating the problems. Other countries are moving forward, we are entrenched in class-warfare. Getting poor by succeeding decades.

    Rwanda had a genocide in 1994, the same time we had 6 arm factions battling in Liberia. Come and look at Rwanda today. Students are coming from even in Australia, China and Europe, studying here. We are looking for ‘clean human right pass’ from people who don’t respect our existence; to govern ourselves.
    COME AND VISIT KIGALI and see for yourself.

    Manepaikeh a 2008 graduate of the Lango Lippaye High school in Kakata.
    2016 Graduate study @ Kaminuza y’u Rwanda (University of Rwanda) in Kigali.

  10. Yes Manepakeh.
    I read your comment, it has all the themes that I usually write about. If the killing of 4 auditors is what most Liberians are stressing on to be the yard stick for measuring the Weah Administration’s human right record, I say to them “you have all right to hold the administration responsible”. Those auditors were Liberians; they had right to life. But what I have problem with is the foreign voice from overseas. “Let he who have not sin, cast the first stone.” The would be stone thrower is sinful than the accuser. For far too long we have listen to this stone thrower with no better result. I is just meant to serve their own purpose: dividing us as ever before

  11. The Whole idea that “Americans who are criticizing Liberia’s human right record have the worst human right violation in their country since Nazi Germany or Repressive South Africa” is nothing more but an ignoratio elenchi.
    Let us not forget that human rights violation anywhere in the world should be condemned by anyone with good conscience who has respect for the human person, be he an American, African, British, Liberian or whoever. We are all human beings and should be treated with decency and respect wherever we are.
    No Liberian has the right to change our system of government by destroying our institutions of Check and Balance as is being done by the Weah’s government. Our Constitution is clear.
    It calls for an independent judiciary. This is not the case. Our judiciary particularly, the Chief Justice, takes directives from the Executive. This is high grade corruption and must stop. This destroys the principles of the rule of law. Our democracy as enshrined in our Constitution depends on the rule of law. If the President, for example, tells the Chief Justice to instruct the Election Commission, not to certify Senator elect Brownie Samukai of Lofa County, and the Chief Justice follows that directive, then the whole principle “separate but coordinate branches” of government is destroyed. Our Chief Justice must ensure that the Judiciary functions in keeping with the “Rule of law.”
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and unalienable rights; that among these, are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, government are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness(Declaration of Independence).

    • That ONE IN THESE DISCUSSIONS IS SO IGNORANT of Section 50.12(b), of the Penal Law and, article 21(i) of the Constitution or Article 50.12(b) stipulating that “one who has been convicted of committing a felonious offense growing out of his position as a public servant forfeits his office “, and believes that when such is the case it is a dictate from a given President, IS AN INDICIA THAT SUCH A DISCUSSANT DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR ATTENTION.

  12. You are not clothed with the authority to determine in a democracy as to who qualifies or does not qualify to engage in political discussion. This defies democratic principles and norms.
    With each day that passes, the lawlessness in Liberia under the Weah’s administration wreaks increasing havoc on our people. Life is cheap under the rule of your boss, this sleek bandit. Many have died for insignificant reasons like conducting a forensic audit as was the case of the 4 auditors, killed in cold blood by the government because the results of said audit was quite damning on the government. The State, mighty by its name and its history even with the buffoonery of George Weah today resembles an aged harlot at the mercy of drunks, vagabonds and penniless politicians.
    You write and speak for a corrupt government under the false banner of “True Patriot” when your writings and expressed beliefs are at variance with the true definition of a patriot(a person who loves, defends and support his or her country. One who is loyal to his/her country and the Constitution of his/her country).
    The recent state of affairs in our country seems very troubling and despicably disheartening. We have seen and continue to see the return of social injustices and corruption in government, as well as the embezzling of state coffers with impunity by state officials while thousands of Liberians languish in abject poverty. It is apparent that you have no desire to help curb down on these unhealthy vices that have the propensity to re-create a chaotic atmosphere in our already fragile country.
    A “True Patriot” will not back corrupt politicians who steal from state coffers and violate human rights with impunity.
    Let us always remember as citizens that the People created the government.The government is their creation and Agent. The Agent(government) cannot have more Authority than the Principal(the people who created it). As a “True Patriot”, it would do you well if you sought the interest of your people,( the sovereign people) who are languishing in abject poverty under a kleptocratic government, instead of heaping praises on a government that has failed the people and brought upon them untold suffering and disgrace.

    • Old man, we see why True Nationalist says “you do not qualify for attention“.

      How can you contradict yourself by claiming “We have seen and continue to see the return of social injustices and corruption in government, as well as the embezzling of state coffers with impunity by state officials while thousands of Liberians languish in abject poverty“, WHILE you at the same time want the government to let the notoriously corrupt former Defense Minister Brownie Samukai convicted for embezzling over a million U.S. Dollars to walk with impunity?

      Here is your argument… “If the President, for example, tells the Chief Justice to instruct the Election Commission, not to certify Senator elect Brownie Samukai of Lofa County, and the Chief Justice follows that directive, then the whole principle “separate but coordinate branches” of government is destroyed. “ How can you criticize corruption while you argue in support of corruption and corrupt officials?

      Frankly, you are no different from Yonblee Karngar, Kofi Woods, Tiawen Gongloe, and Darius Dillon, all of whom sold the chairmanship of their party to the most corrupt and criminal person in the country Musa Bility. Or according to you just as Dillon says Musa Bility is Paul in the Bible, you are saying Samukai is also another Paul?

      You even had the mind to categorize corrupt Gongloe and Kofi Woods as ”lawyers who live up to the norms of the practice”, when these guys’ corrupt behaviors are what has made the international community not to have any respect for the so called opposition. Based on these contradictions on your part and the rest of your fraudulent misrepresentations, we also see that you are not serious.

  13. “James nor would THE POLICIES of this God-sent leader in this glorious land of liberty under God’s command be so popular within the people’s branch of government …the Legislature, nor would even opposition politicians who grassroots acceptance is so highly impressive, be wowing to support and campaign for His Excellency Dr. Weah in 2023!”; a statement by Mr. True Nationalist.

    Come what may and if everything that my Dear Brother, Mr. True Nationalist, have written and published were the truth and nothing but the truth, the Republic of Liberia, our beloved country and its people, our people and residents in the 15 counties of Liberia would by now, be walking on streets paved with gold and diamond. But, the contrary is true in Liberia and about the people of Liberia. The Republic of Liberia is not well; its citizens and residents suffer economic hardship and gross disappointment. Everywhere you look in Liberia, and when you take a careful look at our people, you will undeniably see and conclude that Liberia and our people genuinely have suffered and still belaboring under the dreadful hands of bad governance, no accountability, and mismanagement of Liberia’s revenues and resources with impunity and not more than 0.00% are in the driver’s seat and doing well in Liberia.

    The availability of the rule of law, equality before the law, equal justice, transparency, and respect for Liberia’s Statutory Laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia has become alien to Liberia and against its people. Liberia and our people have shamelessly traveled down this same road before. When the Late President William V.S. Tubman and his tribe failed Liberia, well-meaning Liberians stood by and were ready to sing songs of praises to Mr. Tubman. After running Liberia and our people underground for 27years, swiftly, the same group of people of the Tubman’s Government ran faster than light to join hands with Mr. William R. Tolbert as Liberia’s new liberated and political saints. After Mr. Samuel K. Doe and some members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) attacked and murdered Mr. Tolbert, Liberia and our people were sadly and unlawfully required to learn overnight and speak Krahn to get a job in Liberia, their beloved country, and this same land of liberty, by God’s command. What a shame, and sometimes we wonder where Liberia is headed.

    December 24, 1989, when our Americo-Liberian brothers and sisters (children of the settlers) regrouped themselves in America and joint association with some of Liberia’s 1970s and 80’s Progressives residing in America and other parts of the developed world, financed and transported war and destruction to Liberia and caused nearly 300,000 Liberians and residents to senselessly died in the days of Mr. Charles G. Taylor and his NPFL-led Rebel, some good and highly educated Liberians stood in the front and center of the Taylor-led NPFL Rebel group defending the evil dealings of Mr. Taylor and his NPFL-led Associates. After Mr. Taylor ran out of Liberia, then Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s “Irion-lady” and virtually sweet-talker and deceiver, came along the way and aimlessly joined hands with some of Liberia’s 1970s and 80s Progressives and together, the Progressives and the Sirleafs, looted Liberia and her natural resources shamelessly.

    Days before Mrs. Sirleaf could leave office, Mrs. Sirleaf and many of her diehard Apostles dutifully fled the Unity Party (UP) and left Dr. Joseph N. Boakai and his desire to be elected Liberia’s next President and sought refuge and safety within CDC and with George Manneh Weah, the soon be elected President of the Republic Liberia, championing loudly, their Motto, “Hope for Change or Change for Hope.

    Today, some of those very people are one-by-one started to run away from Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government and have regrouped and are dressed up into the garments of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). These were the same Liberians that ran faster than light away from the Unity Party (UP). They and Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, their god-mother and political darling-girl, congregated themselves in the CDC as its new associates and partners to liberate Liberia.

    If Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government mean anything good for him and his Government, he needs to take some time and read Liberia’s political and social history. Those that are singing songs and dancing with Mr. Manneh Weah and celebrating him and his CDC-led Government today will certainly be the same people to call the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and publicly discount and slight everything that Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government did in Liberia and against our people. After Mr. Weah, people like Mr. True Nationalist and other strong advocates for the Weah-led Government like him will be Liberia’s professed and new human rights and economic justice advocates in Liberia.

    Mr. Weah and his Government and every well-meaning Liberian must know and understand that Liberia and its citizens and residents are not well. It makes no real sense to keep pretending!

    Come what may, Liberia and its people will certainly rise again after Mr. Weah

    • I must congratulate you today for this post.
      You know the problems facing Liberia, but I hope we will one day see eye to eye on the solutions.

      First solution:
      Join in and campaign for the ANC to avoid any form of political clientelism with the CPP. Cummings ascending to power with the CPP will be like Tolbert leading Liberia with the progressives of the 70s and 80s. The system will remain refractory to change.

      Most Liberians, like you, know the problems. Also, most Liberians, like you, dare NOT stand your grounds to bring change when given authority in any sector.
      So, the best way out is a clean leadership with a different vision from all that we have seen in Liberia.

      If you have any qualm/s with joining the ANC, together, let’s form the New Breed Party of Liberia to serve as a pressure group to balance the political spectrum and support a positive revolutionary candidate like Cummings to implement change with no strains attached to his legs or hands.
      Thereafter, you (Cllr. Jayweh) or Dillon or Flomo Tokpa may be ushered in to continue the good works started.

      Think about it and let me know where you stand with my proposal!

    • My Dear Brother Mr. Frederick A.B.Jayweh, not even Rome nor modern day Rome (America) were were ever built overnight! Nor even Jerry Rawlings or Lee Kuan Yew were able to carry out such vital and massive infrastructural developments in under 36 months as President Weah amid an inherited empty and destroyed economy. That said, its so good I had long been an adult when all governments from at least Tubman to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf held and exited power.

      As a true nationalist, I can tell you, we THANK GOD ALLMIGHTY for sending His Excellency President George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku GbehTarpeh Manneh Weah!

      For just imagine, had there been no George Weah how our country would have been left in the hands of such bunch of notoriously corrupt and disorganized wanabe presidents who do not even politically or governmentally know their left from their right!

      Accordingly, we can tell you up front, that even putting aside the reality that President Weah inherited empty coffers, huge debts to pay, and a destroyed economy, NOT EVEN

      (1)Tubman or Tolbert or Doe, who factually erected national developments during the 27 years, 10 years, and 10 years, (who inherited booming economies and received billions of aid from powerful capitals) respectively has the eligibility to

      (2) match Dr. Weah’s massive developments and unprecedented transformational erections from tuition free universities and colleges, to electrifying the streets throughout the country…after been in darkness for twenty years in just under three years since he came to power inheriting a destroyed and extremely empty economy!

  14. Cllr Jayweh,
    You’ve got presidential ambitions! As things shape up in your immediate environment, it will be unthinkable if you do not declare your presidential ambitions before 2023. By that token, you never cease to amaze me and to a greater extent, I think your readers are always intrigued by your antics. I’m interested in breaking your bubble of fear and self-doubt. In an of itself, your harboured presidential ambition is not an act of deviltry neither is it illogical. You have a right to run. So step forward Jayweh. Don’t be a coward. Let’s hear what you have to say about Liberia.

    Let’s Dissect Your Post For Understanding:

    Item: You said that Tubman and his tribesmen have failed the people of Liberia. By inference, the tribesmen you insidiously refer to are Tubman’s Americo-Liberians. I agree with you philosophically. Example, during the Tubman presidency, the LNA (Liberian National Airlines) flew from Monrovia to Harper city for $36.00 or $72.00 round-trip. But at the same time, a bulk of the Marylanders didn’t have a road to travel on from Maryland county to Monrovia. Shamefully, the original LNA or Tubman’s yatch were piloted by non-Liberians.

    Item: You said that Tubman’s tribesmen (meaning the Americo-Liberians) scurried over to Tolbert after Tubman’s death. Yes, they did.
    Implication: Most likely, the Tubman tribesmen did that in order to maintain the Americo-Liberian economic and political dominance.

    Item: According to you, when Doe disposed Tolbert, the Americo-Liberian economic and political stronghold on Liberia began to wane. You also stipulated that Doe wanted all Librarians to speak Krahn! I cannot say anything about Doe’s presidency. I left Liberia when Tolbert was president. If you are right, it would have been a draconian policy to impel people to learn Krahn.

    Let’s be brief:
    Cllr Jayweh Wants To Become President!

    Note Well:
    You will be able to defeat the current brood of presidential candidates if you sharpen your populist message well. But Weah will be a tough cookie to crack. Many of his critics think that Weah is dead duck, come 2023. His critics are laboring under delusion.


  15. Should be Liberians! My God, not Librarians!!!!

    Should be…..
    His critics think that Weah is “a” dead duck, come 2023. The article “A” was omitted.

    Blame my finger, not me!

  16. I beg to differ. Your finger is part of you. A part of a part is a part of the whole.Therefore you should be blamed because your fingers follow your instruction

  17. Old Man Momo,
    I hope you are enjoying yourself in Grand Cape Mount county. Stay away from those Vai girls!

    Like you, I beg to differ with you. Here’s why….
    Your teeth and tongue are members of your body. At times, an unauthorized argument goes on in the mouths of people. Example, a person’s teeth sometimes bite the tongue. And it hurts!

    Am I wrong?

    Sometimes, a woman or man gets aroused upon reflection.

    Do you authorize “a certain part” of yours to go that route?

    Old Man Momo, I didn’t tell my finger to omit the word that I intended to use. You do not tell your teeth to bite your tongue. Yet it happens. Should we blame you?


  18. A young Liberian in Rwanda called Manepaikeh Flomolon quoted:
    “You can drive in Liberia with broken tail light, DUI, Suspended driver license, air freshener hanging in front of your view mirror, unpaid tickets, you will have your day in court and pay fine.” You will go back home to your family, and will not end up in a BODY BAG. ” Our educational systems have made us to believe that western criticism is important than our own development.” ” There are so many UNCLE TOMS in Liberia who rely heavily on foreign foes appeasement mentality”. ” Looking for solution to your problem from afar, makes one keep relying on people who themselves have hands in most of those problem.”
    There will be no solution to those problems unless it can be address by us.

    Swaying public opinion to cause problem in our midst, takes our eyes from the main problem we are confronted with: an educational system that will tailor our need to manufacturing and productions [Chinese Model]. Not only learning how to read and write, but means of productions, investment , not donor funds.
    Our main aim should be how to set and follow choices, not rules. Because many times rules brought to us are not made by us. We are held accountable when those ‘rules’ fail because they don’t serve our interest and we begin to blame ourselves. It give them reason to blame us more. Some of our so-call opposition leaders (Uncle Toms), need to visit Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Tanzania, etc, they are not there, but on their way.

    Our main concern as Liberian and African, should be building educational institutions that will provide production which will help improved the living conditions of our people. Look at the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Koreans, Cuba, etc. We called some of them communist, but we are at their doors begging for doctors, engineers, money to keep us surviving. Every nation on earth has some bad human right record, but to signal ours for some political persuasion is what have gotten us, as a nation to always looking into the garbage for a clean cloths, which is impossible. Human right abuse of any kind is wrong. Equally, no nation has the right to high theirs and speak of another nations. It only happen to us because we are the weakest link. We cannot provide for ourselves. We are not willing to take steps in providing for ourselves.

    Solution to our problem should come from within an African Module, not Western Module. Western Problems are not solved by African criticism. We are made to believed that is the solution to our problems. It is not working. Example, did they free Taylor from ‘jail’ to come and solve our problems? When overwhelming Liberian voted for Taylor in 1997, they still gave guns to LURD in Guinea to attacked Taylor. After we have heard that democracy is the ‘choice’ of the people.

    Ye Old UNCLE TOMS in Liberia, please thing right…..for the feature of our people lies in your hands. Other nations are moving on. We are 173 old and ugly (OAU). With nothing to show but appeasement of ‘allies’.

  19. Comrade Fallah,
    I think that the Liberian working class was taken for a ride by our country’s True Whig Party leaders. Had a majority of the working class not been mislead and misused by the old True Whig Party leaders, our country would have been well off. At the present time, we are playing catch-up with countries that became independent years after we got our independence. It’s hard, but we will get there by His grace.

    Firestone is an American company. Firestone went to Liberia in 1926. Yet from the 1920s up to the 70s, none of our True Whig Party leaders has pushed hard for anything of rubber to be manufactured in Liberia. Comparatively, Malaysia produces rubber. But, Malaysia is economically well off than Liberia. I sometimes think that our TWP leaders weren’t very patriotic. Ours is what I refer to as “black on black” crime.

    Fallah, you’re right on ball when you say that our country has got some Uncle Toms! It was Andrew Young, president Carter’s ambassadorial appointee to the United Nations who described the Liberian leadership (during Tolbert’s presidency) as a bunch of Uncle Toms. During those days, it seemed as if the preservation and dignity of the party was more important than the development process of the country.

    The blame of our country’s backwardness goes deep. After Tolbert, a military government came to power. I wasn’t there when the coup took place, however, I am usually reminded that Doe made some inroads economically. But as he tried, there was some political upheaval. Also, while Doe’s presidency sailed through the cracks, our country experienced a bloody uncivil war that lasted almost 15 years. The saddest part of our country’s painful saga is that whereas Ghana, Nigeria and other countries had their share of military leadership, our country went through a painful 15-year wilderness. So while the dumb warlords maimed, pillaged and slaughtered our brothers and sisters, a majority of the countries in Sub-saharan Africa made progress in terms of economic investment. We’ve had a lot of issues.

    One hundred-seventy years after independence, the counties are not yet fully connected by roads. Maybe if the lawmakers take a pay cut, money will be saved. Let’s hope that the present leadership of George Weah will connect Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties. Once there are good paved roads, things will get better.

  20. Mr. Mnah’s own fatal error is, that he is attempting to diminish the importance of Perception! Does he know why President Weah is not seen or respected as a serious President or statesman around the world? Does he realize why we have become a pariah state under President Weah? It is because President Weah has lent validity to the perception that he is a former gifted soccer player who has no intellect , sense of direction, or a dollar worth of leadership acumen. Even his slavish worshippers and very dim-witted members of his own political party are starting to call him out for the feckless leader he is.
    Do not underestimate PERCEPTION! It got Taylor in the Hague, Doe in the grave, and Oppong, the Liberian presidency.
    At the time, Liberians perceived him to be someone with imagination and leadership qualities; today, he is rightly perceived as the dumbest man to ever be called President!
    Perception is a bitch; the same soft hand she can use to stroke your genitals and ego, is the same rough hands she can use to castrate and disembowel you!

    • Paul Paulay Jackson, most of you people comment out of ignorance, confirmation bias, wishful thinking, and being media cheerleading zombies. And substantiating the foregoing are

      (1)your display here of one who does not know what constitutes a ”pariah state”, or what may be be seen as

      (2) a leader not been respected by his peers or within the diplomatic community, the comity and community of nations or the international community in toto which comprises

      (3) leading public international organizations (eg. THE UN, ECOWAS, AU, EU, ASEAN, OPEC,THE ARAB LEAGUE, OAS,ETC.ETC.), or such sovereign international actors as THE UAE, THE US, JAPAN, CHINA, FRANCE, GERMANY, BRITAIN, RUSSIA, INDIA, ETC., not to even mention such supranational economic actors as the IMF, THE WORLD BANK, ETC. ETC.

      My friend, a pariah state (also called an international pariah or a global pariah) is a state or nation considered to be an outcast in the international system. Such a state or country may face international isolation, sanctions or even an invasion by nations who find its policies, actions, or even its very existence unacceptable.

      So according to your very poor understanding, other sovereign nations, mentioned on that report, are pariah states, and their leaders are not respected in the world?

      If your rant could even be entertained for a second, then His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah would not be so admired and respected by the incumbent UN Secretary General, the leaders of Turkey, Japan, the Arab World , the United States of America, the rest of the leaders of the P FIVE of the UN, the IMF, THE WORLD BANK, and the EU which has vowed to support the Administration of President George Manneh Weah.

      My friend, when

      (1) the MCC and TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL declare that the rule of law has improved unprecedentedly under a given leader and corruption is far far far less than during the past administrations as has been the case under Dr. Weah, or

      (2) a given diplomatic community unprecedentedly puts to shame the opposition within a country and warns them of their diabolical agenda (instead of latently supporting them as in the case within a pariah state), and stands side by side with the leader of the given country, those are

      (3) governmental and international relations indicia that their powerful capitals and their governments hold a whole lot of respect for the leader in power in that given country (in this case Liberia) under His Excellency President Dr. George Manneh Weah!

      Now, be blessed having received this education from this seasoned legal adviser in international law and domestic law, a veteran in government and international relations, and an expert in the making, shaping, and execution, of foreign policy!

  21. This thing is NOT about pay cut, it is about ingenuity to create wealth!

    Our lawmakers have fair emoluments. We need the right people in there to help the executive provide jobs.
    Let’s be candid enough to tell our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, other extended relatives and friends back home to vote out strongmen, rebels, thieves, crooks and nincompoops from both houses.

    Salaries need to be increased across the board in Liberia but for lawmakers. The latter are to vote such bills. And such bills can only be introduced to both houses by the Executive Branch of government. It means the government should know how to plan economically, augment revenue exponentially in every sector in the country.

    Liberians, stop voting in people who do NOT even know the value of their country in terms of natural resources. They do NOT even know how revenue generation is done; how can they improve our lives? They think begging around for loans to build non-economic roads is leadership, NO!
    A true leader is someone who, when given $100, can transform such sum in $1,000 within a year or so.
    How can we have vast seacoasts, yet importing fish from abroad or giving exclusive fishing rights to foreign companies to fend for their people and governments at the detriment of our people?
    How can we have lush lands, yet importing our staple rice from swampy countries like Vietnam and Malaysia?
    It is difficult to understand why tomatoes consumed in Liberia are imported from the sub region, and we are sent wastes like pig feet, chicken parts (feet, wings) for consumption, Why?
    Ivorians laugh at me when I tell them my country Liberia imports pig feet and chicken parts. Are we normal human beings Liberians?

    Vote OUT Weah and CDC in 2023, usher in the ANC with a clear mandate (without any clientelism with the CPP) and see how we will improve our lives!
    We will increase salaries, not decrease them. Lawmakers’ emoluments will be maintained, NOT slashed!
    Think about the ANC!


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