U.S., EU Ambassadors Make Joint Visit to APM Terminals Liberia

so, from right: Erickson T. Brown, APM Terminals Liberia Managing Director George Adjei, U.S. Amb. Michael McCarthy, APM Terminals Liberia Comptroller Khalid, E.U. Amb. Laurent Delahousse, as well as aides of the two ambassadors, during a vist to the APM Terminals Liberia headquarters at the Free Port of Monrovia

U.S. Ambassador Michael McCarthy and EU Ambassador Laurent Delahousse met at the Freeport of Monrovia on Thursday, February 18, to visit APM Terminals Liberia, a subsidiary of the Danish shipping giant Maersk A/S.  Welcomed by APM Terminals Liberia Managing Director George Adjei, the two Ambassadors had the opportunity to view the state-of-the-art port infrastructure that APM Terminals has put in place at the Freeport and see first-hand the investment that APM Terminals has made in Liberian trade and transport capacity since 2010.

Ambassador McCarthy thanked APM Terminals Liberia management for their critical contributions to ensure safety and security compliance at the Freeport of Monrovia, enabling Liberia’s removal in December 2020 from the U.S. Coast Guard’s Port Security Advisory after many years on the watch list.  Ambassador Delahousse underscored the efforts of APM Terminals Liberia to train a skilled Liberian maritime and port workforce, noting that APM has only three expat senior managers; the company employs 230 direct employees and over 1,000 subcontractors.

Though APM Terminals Liberia’s concession agreement permits annual tariff increases according to a formula agreed upon with the Government of Liberia, the company has not increased its tariffs in three of the last five years in view of Liberia’s difficult economic situation.  APM Terminals Liberia’s tariffs are a small percentage of the overall fees imposed by the Government of Liberia on shipping companies and importers to bring goods into Liberia.

Both Ambassador McCarthy and Delahousse noted the importance of foreign investment, which brings good jobs, infrastructure, and tax revenue to the Liberian government and people.  They also praised APM Terminals Liberia’s corporate social responsibility, which has led the company to stand with Liberia through both the Ebola epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic and make substantial donations of medical facilities and supplies.

APM Terminals has demonstrated its readiness to be a long-term partner in Liberia’s economic development and growth; the company is poised to help Liberia attract new investment, increase jobs, and revenue.  The Government of Liberia’s efforts to foster a transparent and welcoming business environment, through respectful and open dialogue, will make these opportunities a reality.


  1. Bill Twehway your campaign to get APM terminal out of this agreement and bring in your own chopping has collapsed. Liberia’s major development partners have gone there to see whether your propaganda is true or false; from the look of things, your strategy has just collapsed in your face. This percentage, you would not get it.
    You are looking for investors to come to invest in our economy, yet you are bent on discouraging the few that are operating here because of your greed for money. Your interest and Liberia’s, which is paramount?

  2. WOW… the simple mindedness of my people. If you believe APM terminal on a whole is good for Liberia you got a serious problem… no one is coming to save us. We need to save ourselves .. fools… development partners.. my foot … always looking for saviors…

  3. This is a complete show of force. Complete madness. It is to stoke fear in our people from reviewing the APM agreement. That agreement is a complete mess and it is a economic dream killer. APM terminal, what are u trying to show here? Anyway we have stupid and greedy self serving leaders who will take a brown envelope to move on


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