U.S. Congressmen, Mayor Promise Development to Montserrado District 11

The two US officials with Rep. Koon (r)

North Carolina State Senator Paul Lowe, Jr. has promised his support to the economic, social and infrastructural development of Montserrado County District 11, a representative of the district, Richard N. Koon, has revealed.

Sen. Lowe is a member of the North Carolina’s 32nd Senate District, and one of the strongest voices on education, jobs and economic empowerment.

Upon his return from the U.S. over the weekend, Koon told journalists that Sen. Lowe has purposely promised to contribute to the educational and health sectors of District 11.

“We had a fruitful meeting, and by God’s grace, the U.S.  Senator will make good his promise,” Rep. Koon said.

Koon said while in the States, he also met U.S. Representative David Nicola Cicilline, who has represented Rhode Island since 2011.

“We had a positive encounter and we expect his assistance to our district too,” he said.

Rep. Koon said he had a rewarding meeting with the current Mayor of Winston-Salem, North Carolina,  Allen Joines, who now promised to contribute to the economic and social development of the district.

In 2014, during the Ebola crisis, Mayor Jones was among those who made the largest donation to Liberia in her fight to contain the disease.

Koon said besides being of help to the health sector, Mayor Jones also contributed hugely to the economic development of this country. Mayor Joines chairs the North Carolina Economic Development Board.

Liberia and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA have a long history, dating as far back as the 1800s when a group of Liberians and Americans built the first black church.

Mayor of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Mr. Allen Joines and Rep. Richard N. Koon

The relationship resulted in naming a street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as Liberia Street, and a lane to be called President Sirleaf Lane.

Rep. Koon also said he presented the educational plight of Liberia to the Livingstone College, Forsyth Tech and the Community College University of North Carolina.

“In order to create channels of accountability to receive our aids from the USA, we have established the Montserrado County District  11 Development Initiative, where Leroy Dennis, who is now a British citizen, is the chairman of the Board, while Reverend Olu Browne serves as the Co-chairman and Tarley D. Toryor is the secretary general.

Meanwhile, according to Rep. Koon, the shortage of public high schools in Montserrado County District 11, with over 47,000 inhabitants, remains one of the challenges that the district faces over the years.

He said the only two high schools, E. Jonathan Goodridge Memorial High School and the Elizabeth Tubman Memorial Institute (EMTI), are now overwhelmed by an influx of students.


  1. Again, we are asking the U.S. to give us aid and assistance. Think about how many books and teacher hours the money that this little trip would have bought here at home. One can only hope that help comes in a meaningful way and not into some individual’s pockets. God Bless.


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