U.S. Challenges Weah to Tackle Graft, Social Vices

U.S. AmbassadorChristine Elder

United States Ambassador to Liberia, Christine Elder, has made it clear to the Liberian Government under the watch of President George Weah that, unlike years before the inception of this administration when the strength of the country’s institutions could enable it overcome confronting situations such as Ebola, there is no question today that Liberia faces more challenges.

In her message commemorating the 243rd Independence Anniversary of the United States, celebrated on May 8 ahead of the official July 4 date, Ambassador Elder said Liberians have demonstrated their resilience, courage and dedication in the fight against the Ebola epidemic and commitment to the election process that led President Weah to power fairly and peacefully.

However, Ambassador Elder told President Weah that Liberians, having built their trust in him by overwhelmingly voting him in the 2017 election, are looking forward to receiving better services that will enhance inclusion in the building of Liberia’s democracy.

On this note, the Ambassador emphasized that having overcome some of its complex challenges, the country through the Weah Administration must seize this day to achieve long-term political stability.

“The time is now to reverse corruption and its corrosive and contagious effects; the time is now to strengthen an economy that provides opportunities in more sectors and where open and transparent competition rules the day, the time is now to give women and girls a life free of abuse and an equal chance to apply their talents and bring solutions to their community’s and nation’s challenges; the time is now to offer ideas on how to improve Liberia’s economic situation, not solely criticize or exacerbate the problems,” Ambassador Elder emphasized.

She also urged the Liberian Government to remain loyal to recommendations by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) so that Liberia can lay the ground work for future economic productivity and prosperity.

She acknowledged that Liberia continues to strengthen the economic, judicial, and political institutions essential for a brighter future, the determination and perseverance summoned to end war, defeat Ebola, and bring about peaceful transition of power, which are now the foundation of the nation.

She added that as Liberia charts its journey to self-reliance, it is also imperative to recognize the extraordinary importance of civil society in helping the country to achieve a lasting peace.

President Weah giving remarks at 243rd U.S. Independence Celebration in Monrovia

Although others have continued to lambast the media for not dancing to the tone of their tasteful music, Ambassador Elder acknowledged the media, Non-governmental organizations and dedicated faith based groups for “Central role” they have played in promoting accountability, supporting conflict resolution, and fostering Liberia’s democracy.

She further noted that the US could not ask for a better friend in Africa, nor one with whom our history is more closely tied, assuring that in good or difficult times, they will stand proudly in partnership with the government and people of Liberia.

Providing a reason for the early celebration of Independence, Ambassador Elder clarified that most of the embassy’s staff will be leaving Liberia soon, having completed their mission, and therefore they were having the celebration as culturally done in such a case for them to meet their Liberian counterparts for the last time.

In response, President Weah assured that he remains committed to upholding and defending the Liberian Constitution with an equal weight, but did not state how he would meet the challenge posed to him.

He said Liberia remains steadfast to upholding the mutual relationship between it and the US, and his government will respect every citizen’s right, including the right to peacefully assemble.


  1. This unprecedented dose of diplomatic tongue-lashing will do little or nothing to change things. Weah is much too incompetent and corrupt to successfully manage even the Liberian football team. Let him and his crooked cabal get out now before they totally wreck our country. By the way, what is the US Ambassador’s stance on the status of, among other things, the “missing” 16 billion and the stolen 25 million?

    • Significant question, “are there reasons for this early celebration of the US Independence”; especially, considering the pulling out, so to speak, of embassy staff in the midst of concerns over June 7 protests, and on top of UK embassy’s advisory to its citizens about likelihood of terrorist attack? Well, let’s hope those fears are storm in a teacup. After all, partners have moral obligations to share information of national security import to each other, even if often such expectations aren’t actualized.

  2. Yes, the nation resources should be managed correctly of course !

    But at the end of the day, the “Oppositions (4 political parties)” also do NOT actually have the KnowHow, Skills it takes to solve Liberia’s massive problems. People with advance KnowHows/Skills (Engineers, MDs, Technician, Industrial Economists, etc) are the people who should lead in bettering the Liberian economy.
    Bettering the economy means productions in Iron, Rubber, Manufacturing, Native Farming (NOT agriculture ! ), Export, etc.
    I do not see such resumes in the “Opposition (4 political parties)”?

    Liberia is in the Devil’s Circle (a german Phrase)

    God bless Us.

    • Why are you categorical about the qualifications of members of the opposition? Being in opposition and winning an election does not means that all positions will be occupied by the opposition partisans, the Gov’t should look for qualified Liberians who are will to work for the development of their country and towing party line as is done here;with the CDC has taken over the whole government; where they cannot find qualified people in their ranks, they go to the various high schools/Colleges to recruit people and have them appointed as Deputies and Assistant Ministers. Hence, their reasons for failures we are now experiencing.

  3. Brother James Citizen,
    Somehow, you’re quick to demand Weah’s impeachment or his resignation or both. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf sat in the cockpit for 12 odd years and didn’t move the stone by a mile. During Johnson-Sirleaf’s presidency, unemployment was skyhigh. Also, the economy did not function to full capacity. Of course, corruption during her 12-reign, was unmanageable. Where were you my dear brother when Johnson-Sirleaf was president? Are you still objective?

    Some Liberians have become hysterical. Some are extremely happy because the US, a close ally of ours has stepped up to the plate to demand a change. I think it’s good. Friends sometimes go through a moment of thick and thin! This is Weah’s moment of thick and thin. No big deal. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that shortly before Johnson-Sirleaf pass the baton to Wesh, the US government released a scathing report that damaged EJS’s 12-year reputation. Where were y’all?

    Come on James and y’all. Exercise patience. Calm yourselves down. Increase your patriotism. Be honest. Give patriotism your best. Improve your outlook. Be reasonable. Shake the monkey off your back. Liberia is home. Juju cannot change us overnight. Neither can Cummings. Wake up. Let’s work together, not against one another. No bickering. We need positive action.

    No impeachment. No resignation.

    • Hney – I think you’re being unreasonable to ask folks to be patient when all we see is egregious corruption from Weah on down. The man is the biggest idiot ever. How can he govern when the people don’t trust him anymore. The economic situation is only going to get worst and people might demand his resignation.

  4. James,
    The economy of a country cannot be fixed overnight. There’s no one on earth who can magically fix the Liberian economy in two-three months. No one.

    Weah was elected for a 6–year term. He will serve out his 6 years. People have got to learn how to be patient. The economy can’t get any worst than that.

    By the way, who replaces him “if” he does that? Will VP Jewel-Taylor do it? If Jewel-Taylor has any economic ideas, this is the time to showcase her ideas. Who else? Cummings?

    If Cummings wins the presidency, he will serve as president. But there’s no way on earth that he could serve out Weah’s term. That’s crazy.

    James, don’t let this thing get to you like that. Calm down brother.

    • Wait a minute…is the U S ambassador the new president of Liberia? What does she have to do in Liberia politics?

      This is a bad precedent being set out here by this administration…

      Where are the lawmakers to tell this ambassador that if she does not get out Liberia politics she will find a job someplace…

      This is against international law for an ambassador to get involved in the politics of another country..

      UP administration kicked out the former ambassador to Liberia..
      Why is Weah administration acting as if America is ruling Liberia…

      Weah, stop being affraid here… you are a leader of a sovereign nation. And when you are affraid that is the time these people will use you…

      Lawmakers you have to put this ambassador in her place…

      No fair here..

  5. Weah didn’t have an answer to the many challenges because there is no plan.. He and his cohorts only plan to loot the country’s money..


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