U.S. Ambassador Gowned, Named ‘Mama Dukuly’


Scores of residents in Barkedu, Quardu Gborni District in Lofa County, through their political leaders represented by the county Superintendent, George S. Dunor and Paramount Chief Musa Kamara, over the weekend  conferred a traditional name on United States Ambassador to Liberia, Debora Malac.

The naming of the U.S. Envoy and her gowning led by a female representative of the district, was preceded by a presentation of white kola nuts and a white rooster as the residents’ token of appreciation for the work the U.S. Government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is doing in the country.

 Ambassador Malac was named ‘Mama Dukuly’ and gowned by the traditional leaders of Barkedu Town during a ceremony marking the official dedication of Barkedu Health Center.  It is the single largest health facility in the district.  The citizens thanked her for her numerous contributions to the development of the district.

 Ambassador Malac was named after the district’s first female representative in the National Legislature in the 60s, called Mama Dukuly. She, too, is remembered by the locals for putting the district’s name on the political map of the country.

 Paramount Chief Kamara, performed the naming ceremony at the well attended program, remembered  among other things efforts the U.S. diplomat exerted to impact the lives of the residents when their district was among those parts of the country  plagued by the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) last year.

 Lofa County was the first county that suffered the outbreak, particularly in the Barkedu District, pre-dominantly occupied by the Mandingoes, most of whom are followers of the Islamic Faith.

 For his part, Lofa County Supt. George S. Dunor, presented to Amb. Malac, an unread position statement endorsed by the residents who are requesting that the Ambassador further intervene in the development of the district by erecting a high school.

 The ceremony was attended by several other personalities, including the County Health Officer (CHO), Dr. Joseph Bolongei and representatives of several other international and local nongovernmental organizations.


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