Two Young Liberians to Launch New Book on Overcoming Tough Times

A poster of the book, co-authored by Dr. Charles Gbollie and Decelia S. Kanneh, which will be launched soon

-In support of the fight against COVID-19

Two young Liberians have announced the launch of a mind-expanding, motivational, well-researched and experience-rich, life-changing book that provides pathways to psychologically overcoming crisis.

The lead author of the book, Dr. Charles Gbollie, who is also an educator and a motivational speaker, said the virtual launch is expected to take place on Saturday, August 22, 2020 at 12:00 noon, Liberian time, on Zoom.

Besides striving to close the gap of limited culturally sensitive contents for readers in Liberia, the book launch comes as Liberia and the world in general grapple with challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic characterized by fear, anxiety and depression. It will bring together a cross-section of invited guests across the world, including senior Liberian government officials. The young progressive authors hope the book would become an international bestseller.

According to Dr. Gbollie, the book is entitled:The Golden Sides of Tough Times (COVID-19): Pathways to Overcoming, Thriving and Remaining Positive and Resilient When All Hell Breaks Loose, which he said focuses on helping readers overcome tough times. “It taps into our rich experiences and empirical evidence to help readers respond, embrace and navigate through tough times by unveiling proven ways and practical positive actions as well as notable lessons of the pandemic to facilitate enhanced societal transformation,” the Liberian educator added.

“It is a panacea to dealing with anxiety, fear and panic. With you is every answer we could find, which has helped us and many others from the days of old till now to overcome adversities. It is tailored toward helping you to respond rather than react to COVID-19 by unveiling proven ways and practical positive actions to prevent yourself, family, country and the world from the disaster. Carefully designed across various parts and chapters, you will learn how the changes brought as a result of the pandemic will revolutionize our world for the better. More importantly, we unravel hidden golden opportunities and offer practical suggestions and strategies to help you harness them, thrive, remain positive and resilient in the midst of the pandemic as well as demonstrate maturity and readjustment capacity in chaotic times. In essence, this book would afford you the opportunity not only to enjoy the journey, but to learn real means of turning worst situations to your best advantage,” the young Liberian author elaborated.

Commenting on what inspired the writing of such book, Dr. Gbollie narrated that the book is in response to the fear, anxiety, and panic he personally experienced before a total lock-down and state of emergency in Liberia.

“As an educational psychologist and a motivational speaker, I have been encouraging hundreds of friends and followers on my social media platforms, particularly in the epicenter, Wuhan city in China, where I had spent five years pursuing graduate and postgraduate degrees to be ‘fearless and panic-free’. I just left from there several months before the outbreak. Here am I, physically in their shoes. As my wondering took me through the night, I began asking many questions. What happens to the average person who has been demotivated and uninspired about life under normal conditions? If I can feel some anxiety and fear in spite of my huge motivation, how will they be feeling amidst this situation? What about the average person who has got no saving and cannot afford to prepare for the lock-down? What…what? I kept on asking. As I struggled to catch sleep and wrestled in my warm bed, already in the morning of my first day of lock-down, suddenly I regained my courage and became motivated again. The zeal to do something positive about the circumstances at hand came over me. What can I do to help eliminate fear and panic among millions amidst this invincible enemy, COVID-19? I asked myself the fundamental question. In pursuit, the quest for the answers began to unravel; this led to the writing of this book,” Dr. Gbollie explained in the Preface of the book.

The Golden Sides of Tough Times (COVID-19): Pathways to Overcoming, Thriving and Remaining Positive and Resilient When All Hell Breaks Loose is Dr. Charles Gbollie’s 3rd book, which he co-authored with a colleague in China.

In his first book, “The Youthful Champion—Keys to Achieving Life-long Greatness,” Dr. Gbollie unveils tested and proven keys to empower and equip readers to achieve life-long greatness; while his second book entitled: “The Champion’s Thought: A Half-Year Daily Inspirational Words of Wisdom and Advice to Fire You Up for Success,” provides deep inspirational words of wisdom and advise to help readers succeed in life.

The two books were launched on June 30, 2019 and November 8, 2019 in Wuhan, China and Monrovia, Liberia, respectively. Over 700 copies of the books have been sold. The two books have been published and are also being sold online on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, among other networks.

In conclusion, the young Liberian educator and lecturer appealed to invitees and other well-wishers to attend the Saturday, August 22, 2020 event and get copies of the book.

Gbollie earned his Master’s degree and PhD in Developmental and Educational Psychology from Central China Normal University (CCNU), Wuhan, China and BA degree in Sociology from AME University, Liberia. He is a proud recipient of Diligence Student Award and International Excellent Student Award from CCNU, among others.


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