Two Nabbed for Murder in Nimba

Nimba chief detective of police, James Kartoe

Officers of the Liberia National police (LNP) assigned to the Nimba County Detachment have arrested two persons in connection with the gruesome killing of one Arthur Bleemie, 59.

Bleemie was found dead in the town of Duogoton in the Yarpea Administrative District of Nimba County with cutlass wounds on his head and face.

The incident allegedly took place on Friday, May 26, while Mr. Bleemie was on his way to the farm.

Police immediately began an investigation into the killing and apprehended several persons, among whom they were able to arrest the killers after several days of investigations.

One of the suspects, Yarlo Dahn, has reportedly confessed to the police that he and his friend, Josiah Quoi, killed Mr. Bleemie in order to prevent him from taking over his family’s cocoa and kola farms.

Dahn, who is a cousin of the deceased, told police investigators that he committed the act because Mr. Bleemie had allegedly decided to take over his father’s cash crops.

He said the late Bleemie was the administrator of his late father’s cocoa and kola farms, “and because I wanted to take ownership of the farms from Bleemie, this is why I hired Josiah to join me to kill him…I rewarded Josiah L$4000 during the next cocoa season.”

Suspect Quoi is yet to comment on Dahn’s allegation leveled against him before police investigators.

This gruesome killing has once again opened old wounds among the citizens as they continue without punitive actions from the government.

Radio Nimba quoted the police as expressing satisfaction with the outcome of the investigation and thanking the citizens of Duogoton for the level of cooperation they provided.

The two suspects are expected to be sent to court any day this week, upon the completion of the police investigation.

Meanwhile, the late Arthur Bleemie has been buried, owing to the decomposed state of his corpse, chief detective of police in Nimba James Kartoe told Radio Nimba.


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