Two Men Exchange Wives


Reports filtered into the Daily Observer recently spoke of two men who have exchange their wives following the unearthing of their sex scandal in the commercial district of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The first man and his wife only identified as Joetar and Marjay, were said to have been married for 20 years and blessed with three children, two boys and a girl.

The second man and his wife, also only named as Darkahn and Nowah, were said to have been married for 25 years and blessed with four children: three girls and a boy.

The reports revealed that the two married couples live in one house as tenants, in a certain community in Buchanan.

The two couples and their children were said to have been so united that they shared things in common, ate and played together as one family. 

The reports revealed that the two men had sexual intercourse with each other’s wives unknowingly, but kept it as secret.

They had been meeting separately at local motels of their choice, far away from their residence, where they carried on their respective sexual affairs.

Accordingly, the sex scam reportedly went on for many months, without the secret leaking out; but as the adage says, “The longest rope in the bush has an end.”

The secret unfolded when the two couples one fateful day accidentally bumped into each other at a certain motel with each other’s wives, all in arms, getting ready to enter rooms they had earlier booked for US$3 each per hour, a short time.

Predicated upon this, according to reports, when their eyes captured each other, their features became disfigured with dishonesty and deceit, and there was no other way to elude the looming scandal.  Both couples went on to accomplish their missions!

The two women were reported to have been equally beautiful, with bright complexions, voluptuous lips, luscious small eyes, and impeccably white teeth that made them respectable, attractive and admirable among other women in the community.

With all of the characteristics of the two women, their respective husbands were not proud and receptive about keeping them but greedily hunted for that of their friend’s.

Thereafter they did not see each other again until they all met at their house, their faces besmirched (tainted) with guilty consciences; but they appeared innocent about the happening, the reports disclosed.

After few days, at dawn, fuss broke loose with the two men threatening to divorce their wives.

The threats allegedly intensified to the extent that the two men stopped providing food for their respective homes, and their children went hungry.  They only ate at the kind gesture of other tenants in the house.

As time went by, the two men and the two women began to quarrel and engage in a fistfight, thus dashing away the love and unity that had longed existed among them.

As the rivalry reportedly grew beyond redemption, between the two parents, their children without hesitation, violently took the respective sides of their parents, and the recrimination and abuse festered on either side of the disgraced parental divide. Score of other neighbors in the community and its environs converged at the scene to observe the scandalous, yet most amusing spectacle.

Fierce fighting ensued, lasting nearly an hour, inflicting severe multiple wounds on them with blood oozing from their heads and other parts of their bodies, the reports revealed.

Thereafter, some of their neighbors rushed them to a nearby health center, where they received medical treatment and were later discharged and taken back home.

The community people viewing the rivalry between the two families,   described them as absent-minded people because, according to them, they had been so strongly united that water could not pass between them.

Following the return of the victims from the health center, the leader of their community John Teteh, gathered the community people together at their Peace Hall to amicably settle the fuss between the two families, who were once united but were now fiercely divided.

During the settlement of the conflict, those engaged in the rivalry were asked to explain the genesis of the incident.

 In their separate explanations, they exposed their sexual; scam with anger spread on their faces.

In conclusion of their explanations, the two men vowed to exchange their wives to bring the whole matter to an amicable conclusion.  The two men, in the presence of the whole community, including parents, children and neighbors,   said to each other, “You take my wife and I will take yours.”  

All ardent efforts by the community people to convince the two couples to bury the past and restore unity and do things in common again and revisit their decision proved fruitless, as they spurned the people’s advice and stuck to their guns.

They then decided to remain deadly enemies forever, saying separately that their decision stands and it was so done.

The situation brought shame and disgrace to the parents and children of the two couples, and bitter weeping ensued.


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