Two Men Drown in St. John River After ‘Rogue’ Alarm

The two bodies at the bank of St. John River at the Liberian border with Guinea, in Ganta.

Two men have drowned in the St. John River at the Ganta Main Border near Guinea in Nimba County, after the alarm of ‘rogue, rogue’ was blown on one of the victims, who was suspected to have stolen huge sums of Liberian dollars from Grand Gedeh, but was reportedly enroute to Guinea.

The other victim was allegedly running after the suspect when both of them plunged into the river and subsequently drowned.

According to officers of the Liberia National Police in Ganta, a Mandingo Governor, Fatuma Bility, who resides in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, reported to the police on February 17, 2019, that one Amadou Karbah had burglarized his home and made away with L$450,000, twenty grams of gold and some unspecified amount of foreign currencies.

Bility informed the police that on February 17, Karbah allegedly went to his house in Zwedru during the morning hour, but asked for permission to stay and then pass a night before making his journey the next day.

“As their governor,” Mr. Bility added, “I left the man in the house by 10:00 a.m. to attend a meeting, but when I returned within an hour’s time, I noticed that my room door was broken into and that my money and other valuables were stolen. My neighbors said they saw the man with a bag getting on a motorbike,” the police quoted Mr. Bility as saying.

Community members at the spot where the bodies of Kollie and Karbah were retrieved from the St. John River in Ganta.

“Mr. Bility made a follow up to Ganta, where he informed the police at the border in the early hours of Monday, February 18, 2019. While waiting, the alleged suspect appeared with a bag tied on the motorbike,” according to police.

The police explained that when the complainant saw the suspect, he wasted no time, but raised alarm by shouting “rogue, rogue,” and immediately suspect Amadou left the bag containing the money on the bike and fled with heavy speed straight to the waterside, where he jumped into the river in an effort to cross to Guinea.

The “rogue, rogue” alarm drew the attention of a crowd at the border to the extent that Richard Kollie, alias “OPS”, ran after Amadou into the river with an attempt to grab him when both of them disappeared until they were discovered dead down the river on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

The police meanwhile have retrieved US$1,400.00, CFA 10,000 and L$1,000 from the pocket of suspect Karbah after his body was taken from the river.

Richard Kollie was said to be a family man with several children.

Liberians came in their numbers to see the two dead bodies shortly after they were retrieved from the water.

Both Karbah and Kollie have been buried.


  1. Could someone versed in photography kindly explain to us, how come a picture supposedly taken of the two drowned men on Feb. 20. 2019, is stamped 08/01/2015? Let me understand that first, before delving into the other magic of how the alleged “thief” Karbah, left Zwedru on the morning of 2/17/2019, yet was caught up with at the Ganta Border by chief Bility on 2/18/2019? I know that likelihood is very possible with so many intervening possibilities, but I swear, this other detective story is just too good to be true to me.

    • Thanks for your observation, Hilary. The date setting on the camera was wrong. But the time of the incident as reported is indeed correct. Apologies for the confusion. -Editor

  2. Theft is wrong! Every good human being abhors theft. God warns mankind against theft. Unfortunately, some thieves never listen or get caught. Too bad. This time around, the main guy met his fate. Unfortunately, a do-gooder met his fate in the river as he attempted to do good. Very sad.
    Well, a word to those who steal as a way of life: You may not get caught. But beware, God’s eyes are watching!
    Also remember this: Thou shall not steal.


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