Two Liberians Set to Study in Cuba

The two beneficiaries at the reception

Liberia is to shortly reap another benefit from its bilateral relations with Cuba as two of its young citizens are preparing to leave in August to study medicine in Havana.

Edvida B. Davis and Francis Maweah, Jr. were recently announced by Cuban Chargé d’affairs Yordenis Despaigne Vera as the successful candidates of a vetting process conducted by the Ministry of Education to allow the two students to join their compatriots  who are studying medicine and other programs in Cuba.

Cuba-Liberia bilateral relations call for meeting each other’s interests, with Liberia’s being in manpower development, especially in the areas of medicine, agriculture, and sports. Cuba’s interest is pleading at the level of the United Nations for the lifting of the trade and economic blockade imposed on the island country by the United States for over 50 years now. It is based upon this relationship that Foreign Minister Marjon Kamara recently reiterated a call for the lifting of economic sanctions on Cuba.

Edvida B. Davis, who will become a Doctor of Medicine after successful completion of her studies, told the Daily Observer that she will be away for six years. She said she was successful in getting the scholarship to Cuba through the support of the Dean at the Cuttington University who encouraged her to take advantage of the scholarship offer to  CU for students to study in Cuba. She said she was screened at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that CU submitted testimonies with respect to her academic performance for the six-year scholarship. Ms. Davis said she has long dreamed of becoming a doctor, wishing to do pediatrics, a branch of medical science that primarily deals with the health of children under five years.

The other recipient, Mr. Maweah, is a science student at the University of Liberia with a long time interest in biology and chemistry. Like Edvida, he is going to study for a Doctor of Medicine degree for six years. He boasted that his selection was not because of his connection with anyone, but his performance in class. Therefore, he urged other Liberians to attach seriousness to their lessons and always search out for opportunities that will produce their dreams. The two Liberian students vowed not to make a home in Cuba or find their way to the United States after studying, but return with the wealth of knowledge they will acquire to be of help to their country.

Foreign Minister Marjon Kamara, on behalf of the Government of Liberi, commended Cuba for the scholarships and urged Liberia to complete its portion of the agreement that would allow Cuban doctors to come here to help revamp the health sector.

Cuba is a leader of quality education in Latin America. World Bank has recorded that Cuba is currently a leader in education in the world with nearly 13% of its GDP invested in the area and also leads the world in producing the highest number of doctors. While previous reports had highlighted Cuba, South Korea, Singapore, Canada and China to have the best education systems in the world, the 2017 report now indicates that Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan top the world for having the best education systems.


  1. There is much Liberia can learn from the Cuban experience in education and its leadership in the field of Medicine amongst developing countries. Despite not being endowed with any natural resource,ie,gold,diamond,oil,etc. Cuba has placed a very high priority on developing its human resource capacity and today ranks as one of the few countries in the world that has used its success in the area of medicine-“medical diplomacy” to provide solid bilateral assistance- supplying its well-trained doctors to assist the health needs of other developing countries. Training two doctors is a good start, but Liberia should seek more help from Cuba in training our health practitioners, nurses and doctors who are in very short supply. These young people should use this opportunity well: They would find learning the Spanish language an easy and beautiful language when they begin their studies in earnest.


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