Two Liberian Students Gain Cuban Scholarship

The two students (with brown folders) with Cuban Chargé d'Affaires Herrera and others

After a long dry spell in sending Liberians to Cuba to study various disciplines including Medicine, Agriculture and Sports, the Embassy on January 13, 2021 bade farewell to two students; Teahdee M. Nyanti and Mohammed Murphy Dukuly, as they soon take off to study Medicine in that country.

Cuba holds a solid reputation in Medicine with an outstanding education record in the world according to UNICEF reports, and since its embassy reopened in Liberia over five years ago, many Liberian students have benefited from scholarships offered by the Cuban Government through its Embassy near Monrovia, a development that cement Liberia and Cuba’s bilateral relation.

Liberia has also been reciprocating with Cuba on the side of the United Nations by advocating with others for the United States to see reason to lift the long-existing economic embargo placed on this island country since the 1960s.

Former Foreign Minister Marjon Kamara at a reception in Monrovia on Cuban National Day in 2016 sounded Liberia’s quest to the US to see reason to lift the sanctions because Cuba, despite this long-existing economic embargo, has continued to remain resilient and contributing to humanity at the world stage.

Cuba contributed immensely with doctors in 2014 when Ebola struck Liberia, and during this period of Coronavirus, Cuba had sent its medical brigade to Europe where the virus is raging.

The two students for this year’s scholarship are the first in the administration of Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, Chargè d’Affaires of the Cuban Embassy who succeeded Yordenis Despaigne Vera.

For safety and health protocols, the farewell program did not attract huge number of people as it had been in the past.  The Wednesday ceremony was attended by Chargè d’Affaires Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, David Kountu, International Cooperation Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, and William Wesseh, a beneficiary of Cuban scholarship who had completed studies in Cuba.     


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