Two Historians Want Support to Correct Liberian History

Dr. Guannu and Rev. Bowier want to write ‘the true history of Liberia.’

Dr. Joseph Saye Guannu and Rev. J. Emmanuel Bowier have announced that they want financial support to comprehensively rewrite the legislative history of Liberia.

The two Liberian historians said the country’s history is full of errors and they want to correct them; otherwise, strangers would be hired to do so.

Dr. Guannu and Rev. Bowier said a committee to rewrite Liberian history, which emanated from the Vision 2030 Conference in Gbarnga, Bong County (2012), was unable to continue its work because it lacked money and that government did not have the political will to support the project.

The two men made the remarks on Thursday, April 27, in the library at the Capitol Building on the topic, “Writing Legislative History.”

Dr. Guannu said it would be in good faith and expedient while they are alive and available for the government to support the committee, which is made up of experienced and qualified historians, lawyers, journalists, and theologians.

Speaking on errors, Prof. Guannu explained that the Seal of Liberia needs to be corrected because “the love of liberty met some of us here, and didn’t bring everyone to Liberia,” and added that: “Liberia’s 5th President didn’t die from drowning or from physical assault as written, but died in prison in February 1872.”

He said in the national anthem, Liberians are described as “a race benighted” – which means ‘cursed, despised, and dark’ race; and it must be changed, “because it is insulting and degrading.”

For his part, Rev. Bowier said if Liberia’s history is not corrected “it will haunt us… Liberians have to know why and how Duala and other parts became part of Liberia when Ibrahim Sesay of the Faithful of Medina asked President Daniel B. Warner for it to be a part of Liberia.”

He said Liberia’s involvement in ending Nigeria’s Biafra War, Kwame Nkrumah’s Liberian nationality, Nelson Mandela’s two-month visit to Liberia, and the real account of Gen. Thomas Quiwonkpa’s invasion of Liberia must be told.

Meanwhile, the co-chair on the House’s Executive Committee, Munah Pelham Youngblood, thanked the two historians for their willingness to rewrite Liberian history.  She promised to write plenary today, Tuesday, May 2, to seek their indulgence to allocate money for the project to rewrite a comprehensive, diplomatic, and legislative history of Liberia.

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I am a Liberian journalist, born November 7 and hailed from the Southeast and of the kru tribe. I began contributing to the Daily Observer 2008 and was fully employed in 2012. I am the 3rd of eight children and named after my great grandfather. Am happily married with three children (girls). I am a full member of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and also the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL) and the Legislative Press Pool (LEGISPOL). I can be contacted through email: or cell number/WhatsApp: (+231) 0886585875 or Facebook.


  1. Setting the record straight between stranger and the stranger Father. Native Liberian vs Gongau Liberian the never ending fairytale story. Anyway, how was it helpful when foreign donors spent thousands of dollars for the constitution review committee. Absolutely nothing because what we got from the ppl mainly was how we should Christianized Liberia. Liberians need to rewrite themselves instead of rewriting history so sad. Who cares whether president dies in prison or not.

    • It matters how a president or anyone dies. Too many things are ‘swept under the rug’ in our culture. I wouldn’t have known about the real ‘Congo people’ if it weren’t for SOCIAL SCIENCE 201 (by Amos Sawyer). We need to know plenty things, and I know that by rewriting the history of Liberia, we will also begin to indirectly ‘rewrite’ ourselves.

  2. It matters whether Roye died from drowning because he was weighed down with the Liberian people’s stolen gold while swimming to a ship to escape the wrath of the Liberian people. It matters whether he was caught on the beach and was beaten to death by a mob. It matters whether he died in prison. It matters because Liberians have a right to know as much about the truth of their history as one can make available. History defines us in our own minds, filtering from informed minds to those previously uninormed, making us all better for knowing rather than for not, for being ignorant when truth is available to us if we care to find it. Truth is not trivial. The facts of Roye’s death might be. But truth itself, the definition of the people’s collective experience, is a good unto itself.

    I’m not Liberian. Still, I care deeply about the history of a nation of people who are, in some real sense, my national cousins. What became of you when some Americans left out shores for yours? What is our relationship to our cousins in reality? By adoption now, all Liberians are our cousins because of the history of the Americo-Liberians, deliberately cut off as they were from Liberian tribal people. Golas and Kru people are as rightly our cousins as the Tubmans and Tolberts. I want to know the truth, too.

    I want to know about the Davis Expedition of 1931. I want to know the truth. Your intellectuals endow the world with a great good by providing us with real knowledge, with truth. You can’t eat it, but life without truth is no life worth living. It is a starvation of the mind and the soul. Let us know and be better people for it.

  3. The whole history of Africa, needs to be rewritten. The history of Africa as written by none Africans, is full of fabrications. For us west Africans, one of our biggest demise; and perhaps the white man’s most powerful weapon, was the disease; SMALL POX. It wiped out our most important leaders first; then communities after communities. Left alone, the white man was not capable of conquering Africa. He had to go through our own kinds. Most importantly, Iet it be known; Liberia was not founded. Needless to say by anyone. Liberia was established by force of ARMS; with orders given by U.S President JAMES MONROE.

  4. NB. SMALL POX, was INTRODUCED to Africa by the Dutch and the Portuguese. They knownly gave SMALL POX-VIRUS INFESTED GARMENTS AND BLANKETS TO THE AFRICAN LEADERSHIP AS GIFTS. “Just Another Trojan Horse”.

  5. Writing Liberian history has to be done by individuals who are trained in that discipline. Professor Guannu track record is well known and distinguished in this area as he has written several works on Liberian history!

  6. Money to re-write the history of Liberia?
    No, write the history you’ve researched about Liberia and sell the history book (s) in order to make money.

    That’s it.


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