Two Hacked to Death in Caldwell


The bodies of two men were discovered brutally stabbed to death by unknown person(s) in the early hours of Wednesday, June 24, in Caldwell.
One is thought to be the corpse of a notorious criminal. A third person received injuries from the attackers.
At about 6 a.m., a resident identified only as Miatta, told the Daily Observer that she discovered in her yard the two bodies, including that of one Varney Perry, known as Death Row from the Duala community.
“I didn’t hear anything last night but awoke this morning and saw the two dead bodies lying here in my yard,” she said.
According to Miatta, she and her family have no knowledge of what happened to the men.
The LNP forensic team was called to the scene. The lone survivor of the attack, who asked not to be named, identified the victims to the police.
“He said Death Row was his friend while the other guy was just someone tagging along,” an LNP source stated.
According to the third victim, the three of them were allegedly attacked at around 3 to 4 a.m. by unknown assailants.
“He said he brought his two friends to Caldwell that morning,” the LNP source said.
Steven Kesselly of Upper Caldwell recalled seeing the group that had allegedly attacked the victims.
“I remember passing by the group in my car around 2 a.m. near the Caldwell Bridge. They were more than three and each person held what appeared like a machete, knife or some kind of weapon,” he stated.
Police investigation into the killings is ongoing.
Last March, a man was stabbed to death about a mile from where the two bodies were found on Wednesday. The murdered man was a suspected rogue, neighbors said.


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