Two Girls Mysteriously Found Dead


Two little girls, aged six and nine, were last Saturday  mysteriously found dead in the Nimba County town of Lowlay, Gbehlay Geh District.

Police sources, who begged anonymity because they had no authority to speak on the matter, told this newspaper that on Friday 20th June, 2014, the two little girls, upon their school closing for the academic year 20013/2014, left for their farm which some kilometers from Lowlay town.

After they had left, their parents returned late in the evening from the farm and began asking for their whereabouts, but they were told that the children had  earlier left for the farm upon the closing of school.

While in search for the  children, they were mysteriously found dead lying 25 yards apart in the swamp around the location of their village.

The two little girls; Jacqueline Wowoah, 9, and Jestina Wowoah, 6, were said to have been children of the same mother and father.

The mysterious death of these little girls brought great fear among the citizens of Lowlay Town where the incident occurred.

The Police Crime Services Department Commander in Nimba, Detective James Kartoe, confirmed the incident and explained that several persons were picked up as suspects and are undergoing investigation.

He said foul play was suspected, and so the police was still investigating the matter.

Unconfirmed reports reaching the Daily Observer suggest  that, one of the victims, six year-old Jestina, was found with a broken hand.

There is a speculation that the deaths were linked to ritualistic killing, as the 2014 special legislative election approaches, but this is yet to be verified as police continue their investigation.


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