Two Complete Nomination, Registration for LFA Presidency

Mustaphi Raji

LISCR FC president Mustapha Raji and former Liberia Football Association (LFA) vice president for Administration Musa Shannoh have completed their nomination and registration procedures for the pending LFA rerun election, the LFA Elections Committee has announced.

The rerun presidential election is slated for September 8, 2018, in Monrovia.

The presidential runoff election comes after a stay order, placed on the April 14, 2018, election, was lifted, giving way for the runoff presidential election.

The civil law court on April 14, 2018, placed a stay order on the run-off election, asked for by one of the three presidential candidates, George Solo, who had argued that the LFA’s Election Committee deliberately failed to address his complaint filed against another candidate, Mustapha Raji, where he questioned Raji’s credentials, claiming that Raji was not a college graduate, which he said was in violation of the elections’ guidelines.

The run-off election was between Raji and Musa Shannon, both of whom had obtained 16 and 13 votes respectively during the first round of election, with Solo obtaining five votes of the 34 votes out of which a candidate is required to obtain 18, which is an absolute majority.

The Civil Law Court subsequently lifted the injunction, ordering the LFA Elections Committee to give George Solo a due process in his case. This was also followed by the amendment of the statues that made high school diploma the minimum qualification for candidates wishing to contest for the presidency of the LFA.

According to a release from the LFA, both Raji and Shannon are currently being scrutinized by the Elections Committee, to determine whether they meet all the requirements for the LFA Presidency after submitting nominations and registration documents.


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