Two Clan Chiefs Suspended in Nimba



Two clan chiefs in Nimba County have been suspended for three months each without pay for allowing Sande and Poro activities to be practiced in their respective clans.

According to Radio Senway, a community radio station in Sanniquellie, Clan Chiefs Tokpah Yalagon of Gboah Clan, and Allen Flomo of Sehyee Clan were suspended for their failure to stop Sande activities in their clans, and allowing several young girls to abandon school.

Radio Senway quoted the County Inspector, Reginald Mehn, as saying that the chiefs will remain under suspension for three months without pay while their principal assistants will work in their positions.

Gboah and Sehyee Clans are part of the Sanniquellie Administrative District with headquarters in Sehkimpa, northwest of Sanniquellie.

In late 2012, a 17year-old girl died in a Sande Bush in New Yourpea Town due to profuse bleeding she suffered following the initiation rite of FGM (female genital mutilation).

In 2013, authorities of Nimba under the leadership of the former Superintendent, Christiana Dagadu, warned against and halted all practices of the Sande (female) and Poro (male) traditional societies, especially when schools are in session.

Despite these warnings and even during the Ebola epidemic, there were reports that the practices of Poro and Sande societies in the county were continuing.

Efforts to contact Nimba County Superintendent, Fong Zuagele, as well as the county Inspector, Reginald Mehn, yesterday proved futile as they did not respond to our phone calls.


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