Two Charged with Murder, Criminal Conspiracy in Gbarnga

Josephine Sulonteh, charged with criminal conspiracy

Police in the crossroads town of Gbarnga, Bong County, have arrested and charged two persons with murder and criminal conspiracy in connection to the death of Satta Binda in Gbartala, Yellehquelleh District.

Josephine Sulonteh, 24, and Clarence Davis, 23, were charged with criminal conspiracy and murder by police for their alleged involvement in the death of Satta Binda, 17.

According to police account, Josephine Sulonteh, a mother of a six-month old child, was present when suspect Clarence Davis physically attacked Satta, after the three of them had left a traditional feast on Saturday, September 15, in the same Gbartala community at about 2 a.m. The incident allegedly took place while Josephine and Clarence were accompanying Satta to her house.

Suspect Clarence Davis at Gbarnga Police Station, charged with murder.

“The incident occurred at Satta’s house, and I attempted rescuing her from Clarence, but he hit me, and later threatened to harm me if I dare try to release Satta from him,” Josephine told the police earlier.

Satta Binda was a 6th grade student of the government-run David Faijue, Elementary and Senior High School, in Gbartala.

“As soon as we arrived at Satta’s house, Clarence began to beat on her arbitrarily, but since he threatened to harm me, I got afraid and left the scene,” Josephine told Police investigators.

Some family members of the deceased informed Police that on Saturday evening, Josephine repeatedly visited Satta, informing her that someone wanted to see her, but she did not disclose the name of the person who wanted to see Satta.

“It is difficult to see Satta walking around aimlessly, and we were surprised to see Josephine persistently visiting her with message that someone wanted to see her,” the deceased’s family told police.

Meanwhile, suspect Clarence Davis has denied Josephine’s claim, but admitted to police investigators that on that fateful day, he accompanied Satta at her house at about 8-9 p.m, and not around 2 a.m., as claimed by Josephine.

“From that time, I did not interact with Satta until I that she was killed by unknown person near her house the next morning,” Clarence said.

As is customary, police constituted a 15-man coroner jury that examined the body, and reported  that the victim was rapped before she was murdered.

The two suspects have been sent to the Gbartala Magisterial Court for prosecution.

In another development, Police in Gbarnga are also investigating the family of a 17-year old boy, who allegedly committed suicide in the Demanta Community in the suburb of town.

According to police records, Philip Sumo allegedly committed the act after he reportedly admitted to stealing his aunt (not named) L$8,000.

Police said Sumo was found hanging dead in his room on Monday, September 17, 2018.


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