‘Two, But One’

The newly-weds, Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Boakai, of Kakata, Margibi County

Prelate motivates newly-weds, Edward and Zelene Boakai

By Patrick C.M. Kollie 

As a biblical saying projects, “A man will leave his father and mother to cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one.” This adage was recently effectuated at the Apostolic Baptist Church, located in the provincial city of Kakata when Mr. Edward N. Boakai and Ms. Zelene Perkins solemnly exchanged matrimonial vows on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Mr. Edward N. Boakai, a legal minded character as well as contributing writer to Daily Observer and Mrs. Zelene P. Boakai medical practitioner, began their love journey together eight years ago during which both partners have endeavored to live under the holy guidance of God. Their dream finally came to fruition beautiful ceremony colored in pink and royal blue.

Mr. & Mrs. Boakai, who hailed from two separate churches on Saturday assured each other in the presence of God and the congregation that they will remain committed in serving their Creator and entreated their spiritual leaders and fellow Christians to pray for their relationship as they seek the favor of God Almighty upon their lives. Prior to their wedding, Mrs. Perkins Boakai was a full member of the Kakata Lango Town Church of Christ, while Mr. Boakai is a full member of the Apostolic Baptist Church, where the wedding ceremony took place.

Edward (right) and Zelene, during their engagement ceremony

Delivering his matrimony message, Rev. Lincoln M. Gboco, Sr., founder and spiritual father of the Apostolic Baptist Church, referenced God’s supreme protection and favor upon the newly-weds and described their new life together as a divine step in meeting God’s principles.

The Baptist prelate further stressed that the wedding is merely a ceremony, while the marriage is an institution — the wedding being a day’s event, while marriage, a lifelong journey, must be nurtured through understanding, patience, love and caring by the couple. He said, marriage is divine; and is an institution established by God; that whatever God puts together, no man shall put asunder.

Rev. Gboco averred, “Woman is not an afterthought. Biblically, from the day of human creation, God made Adam with Eve living inside him… that’s why after God made Adam, He put Adam to sleep and took Eve from inside Adam.”

Speaking from the biblical standpoint, Rev. Gboco called on the couple to consider themselves as one body and must uphold the golden principles of God concerning marriage. He added that, mathematically, one plus one equals two; and despite the couple being physically two individuals, they are one unit in God’s sight.

The ceremony was attened by congregational members, clergymen, family members, relatives and friends, as well as top judicial officials.

In remarks, Mr. Edward N. Boakai, on behalf of his family, gave special thanks to Her Honor Judge Mardea T. Chenoweth (resident judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court – Margibi) and others, as well as the bridal party and the officiating clergy for their physical and moral supports toward the success of their wedding ceremony. The reception followed at the Kakata City Hall.


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