Twehway vs Costa Suit Digresses in Fundraising Race


A movement under the banner, “The Coalition for Democratic Change- Council of Patriots” says it has raised US$26,000 and L$64,000 to contribute to National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director Bill Twehway lawsuit against Talk-show host Henry P. Costa in the United States.

Though the Daily Observer is yet to receive evidence of the money raised, the CDC-COP leaders said the money generated has been transferred to Mr. Twehway’s team.

For talk-show host Henry P. Costa, he recently raised over US$22,000 to support legal services against NPA Managing Director Twehway. Unlike Costa whose money raised was all on social media and in the local news, not much is being noticed about contributions said to be made by the CDC-COP group.

Additionally, Mr. Costa said US$10,000 has been initially provided to his lawyer which led to the filing of his response against Mr. Twehway’s lawsuit.

It can be recalled that early this year, NPA Managing Director Twehway filed a lawsuit against Mr. Costa for what he terms as “damage of reputation or credibility,” a situation Mr. Twehway claims has led to serious humiliation for his 14 years old daughter schooling in the United States and his wife.

“Do you believe that those young men can raise such money in no time and give it to NPA Managing Director Twehway? I have shown the public how the US$22,000 was raised to support my lawyers and individuals who helped, but I challenge them to show you pieces of evidence of the money reportedly raised,” Mr. Costa told Daily Observer via phone interview.

Mr. Costa argued that it was impossible for “so-called members of the CDC-COP” to raise the said amount and subsequently provide all to Mr. Twehway, stating “This is not my first time to raise money and everyone knows that we provide pieces of evidence of how the money is raised and later present it physically in the presence of the media to the beneficiary.”


Henry P. Costa, chairman, Council of Patriots

Ben B. Togba, chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change-Council of Patriots (CDC-COP) said the money was raised through CashApp, Western Union, Money Gram and Mobile Money both locally and internationally.    

Mr. Togba said thousands of patriotic Liberians both at home and abroad contributed to this rally, stating, ”We are giving our money to send this as a message to Costa and all the other liars that it’s insensitive to spread fake news about reputable state actors in the country and this case will be a lesson t everyone.”

“We have gathered here today to express solidarity to an astute statesman, Mr. Twehway, to simplify truth-telling, uphold democracy and trust the legal process to prove unfolded allegations and wanton lies against decent men and women who are contributing to the development of our country,” Mr. Togba said.

Mr. Togba, who did not indicate the time frame within which the money was raised said CDC-COP stands with Mr. Twehway in using the competent court of jurisdiction to expose lies and falsehood against naysayer and career liar, Mr. Costa, whose primary objective is to create fake news to fill the pockets and bank accounts.

According to Mr. Togba, Mr. Twehway is the best developmental-oriented Managing Director in the history of the National Port Authority of Liberia.

“This is the man that built Liberia’s NPA first Modern headquarters, provided over 5,000 jobs for Liberians, increase the income generation at the various ports and it’s important to note that he’s willing and kicking to do more for the fulfillment of President Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development,” he said.

He continued: “We as a movement cannot sit and watch a silicon rascal in Henry Costa that is famous for the wrong reason to blackmail this great character. Times have proven that Costa was caught on recording negotiating the death of Harvey Graves; blackmailing people for not supporting his wasteful lifestyle and other negative attitudes.”

According to him, Mr. Costa is famous for insulting decent citizens and accusing them falsely without legal evidence to support his claims and it’s important for the court to expose Costa’s scandalous attitude legally.

“Costa must account for his malicious lies in the court to set a precedent that other naysayers will see and learn that spreading fake news for personal benefit is undemocratic and dangerous within any civilized country,” Mr. Togba said.

Mr. Togba said the CDC-COP has seen the Twehway-Costa’s case as a test to our democracy.

He added that the court proceeding is expensive, “Therefore, we organized a public fundraising rally to contribute to Mr. Twehway as he’s our own and a repeatable public servant.

Mr. Bill Twehway has expressed gratitude to CDC-COP members for raising money to support his lawsuit in the United States against Costa who has damaged his reputation.

Mr. Twehway said the allegation linking him to the death of some Liberian auditors has not only troubled his spirit, but has caused threats to his family.

“This is not CDC, Liberty Party, or Unity Party issue, but I want you to put yourself in my shoes. I’m living in fear now. Whenever I’m walking and someone is walking behind me, I just think that the person is coming after me. People in the community keep pointing fingers at my wife,” Mr. Twehway said the allegation caused his daughter in the United States of America to suffer bullying from her friends in school, which has major damage to everything he ever worked for.

Mr. Twehway said he has been receiving calls from people believed to be family members to the fallen auditors, threatening to go after him.


  1. This will no doubt be interesting. The good thing about the US justice system is although imperfect I imagine it’s a whole lot better than what passes for a justice system in Liberia. I find it interesting though that the plaintiff is raising funds for his case. Normally you have the funds for counsel prepared ahead of time before filing but oh well.


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