Tweah Promises Quality Education for District #5 Youth

Tweah (center) marching with his supporters on SKD Boulevard

Norris Tweah, vice president of the University of Liberia’s (UL) public relations department, on Wednesday promised to provide quality education for residents of Montserrado District #5, mainly school-age children, if they elect him as their next representative. He said he will ensure the education of the people, among many other priorities.

Mr. Tweah’s pronouncement was  delivered to his supporters at the official launch of his campaign in the district. He promised to also build community palava huts with mini-libraries to allow the youth as well as adults to learn to read and be informed on academic, economic, social and moral issues.

“I pity the conditions of my people. I know they are poor and struggling daily, because of lack of good legislative representation. It is pathetic, but I am certain that change is on the way,” Tweah declared. He said there is no need for excuses, nor expressions of weakness that could not have been overcome by any member of the 53rd Legislature had they considered catering to the plights of their constituents by focusing on developing their districts.

“It is so sad that our current representative argued that he could not build even a kindergarten public school in this district for the benefit of all, particularly the less fortunate children. No town hall, nothing that we can point to in the district as a legacy of Representative Thomas Fallah’s representation in both the 52nd and the 53rd Legislature,” Tweah said. “Question me and hold me responsible if I fail to deliver on each of my commitments here today.”

It can be recalled that Rep. Fallah, the incumbent of the district, told constituents at a recent LMDI Ducor Debate that he did not build a school or a town hall in the district because of a lack of vacant land. Meanwhile, he has a multi-purpose educational complex in Neezoe, Montserrado District #2.

Senator Varney Sherman, former UP chairman, said Tweah is an asset that the people of District #5 should elect at the October polls. “Tomorrow might be too late for you if you fail to elect Tweah, because he is an informed and educated fellow who I am very confident will make good laws on your behalf and defend the interests of your district at the legislature,” Sherman said.

Tweah and Sherman dance to the UP campaign song a young female artist was singing

“Tweah is a lawyer, and trust me that if elected, he will work alongside one of this country’s best legal brains. I am that lawyer who will help him plan and execute bills in your interest,” Sherman assured. He said he is out campaigning for Boakai and Nuquay as well as all UP representative candidates, who he believes will deliver to the expectations of their constituents.

The campaign launch began with a parade through the principal streets of the district, and was climaxed by musical and other performances in the SKD Boulevard community.